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TPU will create a platform for experts in hydrogen energy in 2021

© РИА Томск. Евгения ПланкинаTPU will create a platform for experts in hydrogen energy in 2021

TOMSK, Dec 23 – RIA Tomsk. Tomsk Polytechnic University (TPU) in 2021 plans to create an Internet platform that will be useful to everyone who relies on the development of hydrogen energy in Russia and is actively working in this direction, reports a correspondent of RIA Tomsk who visited a conference dedicated to these issues on Thursday.

Earlier it was reported that hydrogen energy is one of the leading directions in the development of environmentally friendly methods of generating energy. The UN Framework Convention, signed by Russia in 2015, envisages a multiple reduction of carbon emissions from electricity generation in the next decade.

Tomsk Polytechnic University in 2020 initiated the creation of a consortium for the development of hydrogen technologies. It includes six scientific and educational organizations of the Russian Federation. The participants will jointly develop technologies along the entire "hydrogen chain": from production to use of hydrogen. The consortium plans to work closely with the largest companies in the Russian Federation.

On Thursday, TPU started a two-day online conference "Hydrogen. Technologies. Future". Participants – are representatives of universities, institutes of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Ministry of Science and Higher Education, Ministry of Industry and Trade, heads of the Sakhalin, Samara, Tomsk regions, vice-governors of St. Petersburg and the Novosibirsk region, as well as companies relying on hydrogen energy – Gazprom, Gapromneft, SIBUR, Russian Railways, Severstal, Rosatom. The practical outcome of the conference should be a digital "hydrogen" platform.

© предоставлено пресс-службой ТПУ
TPU Acting Rector Andrey Yakovlev

"It will be a digital open platform for the development of hydrogen energy technologies, in order to set up the interconnection of scientific groups, organizations and together form a business value chain. Today at the conference we just got together to see each other, to expand our area of ​​contacts, and ultimately, our competency map", – TPU Acting Rector Andrey Yakovlev said.

According to him, in 2021 TPU will "deploy a website" where each expert will be able to understand what is happening in the field of hydrogen energy in the Russian Federation and, if necessary, organize his own working group to solve certain problems. Tomsk Polytechnic University has a solid groundwork in this respect – a wide range of technologies for hydrogen production, transport systems, fuel cells and polymer membranes.

Speaking at the conference, Governor Sergey Zhvachkin emphasized that the Tomsk region already has partner regions in the project for the development of hydrogen energy – Samara, Sakhalin and Novosibirsk regions – each has its own advantages: proximity to the sales market, research competencies, the ability to use the petrochemical complex and so on.

"We must not catch up with the climate agenda, which has come to the fore all over the world, but create the agenda ourselves. Tomorrow the hydrogen project will set the tone not only in the energy sector, but also in environmental and climate issues. And here the members of our consortium have a special role", – the governor said.

The conference will be closed on December 24 with a round table "Technological fund of Russia in the field of hydrogen technologies".

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Governor of the Tomsk region Sergey Zhvachkin at the conference "Hydrogen. Technologies. Future"

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