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TSU programs for facial recognition are used in the port of Vietnam

© РИА Томск. Наталья БрусницынаTSU programs for facial recognition are used in the port of Vietnam

TOMSK, Jan 12 – RIA Tomsk. Tomsk State University (TSU) received two patents for programs that allow recognizing the faces of people in a moving stream and in a static state; the software products of Tomsk scientists are already being used in one of the largest seaports in Vietnam, the press service of the university reports.

It is clarified that the senior engineer of the educational Laboratory for Measurement Methods of the Faculty of Innovative Technologies (FIT) Semyon Klestov, postgraduate student of the FIT from Vietnam Nguyen The Cuong and his supervisor, professor of TSU Vladimir Syryamkin, worked on the development of IT products.

"TSU received two patents for programs designed to recognize people in a video stream and in a static state. Software products are already used in the Republic of Vietnam to ensure order and safety of people in public places and in one of the country's largest seaports – Hai Phong. In the near future Vietnam Maritime University will be able to use the programs", – is said in the statement.

It is noted that Vietnam has a high average population density – about 300 people per square kilometer, while in Russia it is more than 30 times less. The program of TSU scientists, which identifies people in motion, quickly and accurately distinguishes human faces of different races with an accuracy of at least 90%, including at dusk and in the rain. The second program reveals the characteristic features of a person in a static state – dimensions, appearance, etc.

"The programs are based on vision systems and neural network algorithms, the creation and development of which is being carried out by the FIT TSU. These tools are used by us in robotics and mechatronics, in particular, they help robots and drones to determine the terrain and independently build a route", – Syryamkin is quoted.

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It is added that TSU not only transfers technologies to other countries, but also trains specialists capable of accompanying new developments. For example, a student from Vietnam Bui Duc H. Huang, who will return to his home country after graduation and will implement the software at new facilities, is currently studying at the FIT TSU undergraduate program.

Earlier it was reported that TSU has established active interaction with the countries of Southeast Asia. According to the press service of the university, TSU recently received a patent for a software product created by order of the government of Laos. This software is used for electronic document management.

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