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12:50 PM  January 13, 2021

Famous Seversk polar explorer’s house-museum opened in Nagorny Ishtan

© Предоставила Наталья КвасниковаFamous Seversk polar explorer’s house-museum opened in Nagorny Ishtan
© Предоставила Наталья КвасниковаFamous Seversk polar explorer’s house-museum opened in Nagorny Ishtan

TOMSK, Jan 13 – RIA Tomsk. The house-museum of Ivan Yalin, the honored traveler of Russia, who, as part of the Seversk tourist club "Yantar" ("Amber") bypassed all the deserts of the CIS and made an autonomous journey to the North Pole for the first time in the world, opened in his homeland in Nagorny Ishtan, museum curator Natalya Kvasnikova said.

As the interlocutor of the agency said, Ivan Yalin is an honored traveler of Russia, a legendary man who made more than a hundred trips, including Kamchatka, the Kuril Islands, passed the deserts of Central Asia and for the first time in the history of all world polar expeditions, reached the North Pole on skis, in completely autonomous mode, together with six more tourists from the tourist club "Yantar" (Seversk), of which he was the leader.

"He passed away in July 2020. This is his house. The idea was begging for it, because in this house there are many exhibits from various expeditions, there are many photographs, many tourists constantly gathered in this house. Ivan Fedorovich himself wanted "Yantar" tourists to inherit this house, and his brother (the owner of the house) wants the memory of him to be alive ", – Kvasnikova said.

Among the exhibits of the museum there is a mammoth tusk, which Yalin and other tourists found on a hike across Yakutia, or a sled with which they went to the North Pole. The excursion program includes not only visiting the house-museum itself, drinking tea and singing with a guitar, but also visiting the oldest wooden church of the Tomsk region, located in Nagorny Ishtan (the temple was built in 1872, in its vicinity Andrey Konchalovsky shot the film "Siberiade").

"The house-museum was opened on December 20 – at the same time the first excursion took place. We tried to organize a museum through the city authorities, but they did not agree, so now we are doing everything on our own with the help of volunteers from the Seversk tourist club", – the agency's interlocutor said.

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