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Production of Tomsk products from wild plants quadrupled in 8 years

© РИА Томск. Альфия АйбатоваProduction of Tomsk products from wild plants quadrupled in 8 years

TOMSK, Mar 25 – RIA Tomsk. By the end of 2020, Tomsk enterprises produced more than 32 thousand tons of food products from wild-growing plants – this is four times more than eight years ago; about 7 thousand tons of products were exported, Deputy Governor Andrey Knorr said at a round table dedicated to the development of regional brands.

Earlier it was reported that the volume of harvesting wild plants in 2020 in the Tomsk region amounted to 10.1 thousand tons, which is 4 thousand tons less than a year earlier. At the same time, 2019 turned out to be less fruitful than 2018. The main types of raw materials are: berries (2,485 thousand tons), pine nuts (3,806 tons), mushrooms (1,129 tons), chaga (140 tons), willowherbs (196 tons), pine cone (26.9 tons), medicinal plants (875 tons).

On Thursday, Tomsk "Boiling Point" hosts a round table "Regional Brands of Russia – New Points of Growth" with the participation of representatives of Rospatent, regional officials and businessmen. According to the vice-governor supervising agriculture and consumer market, the products of the regional agro-industrial complex account for 15% of the total export structure – this is the second indicator after the export of timber products.

"The volume of sales of products from wild plants has quadrupled over the past eight years – in physical terms today (at the end of 2020) this volume exceeds 32.4 thousand tons, or 12% of the food industry output. In 2014, it was about 8-9 thousand tons... The total volume of exports of products from wild plants amounted to about 7 thousand tons", – Knorr said.

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Also, according to him, in the Tomsk region the volume of production of confectionery and wines has noticeably increased (we are talking about the only Kakheti enterprise, which has increased its output eightfold over the past eight years).

It was also reported that in 2020 in the structure of exports of agricultural products from the Tomsk region, 30% is rapeseed oil, 20% – pork. The Tomsk region exported 6.9 thousand tons of agricultural products to 27 countries of the world for a total of 49.3 million dollars. By 2024, it is planned to achieve the total export volume of agricultural products of 58.8 million dollars – this is 7.9 thousand tons of products.

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