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Tomsk industrial park's new resident open construction materials plant

© скрин сайта промпарка "Томск"Tomsk industrial park's new resident open construction materials plant

TOMSK, Apr 2 – RIA Tomsk. OOO Stroitelnaya Fabrika received the status of a resident of the industrial park Tomsk; in 2023, the company plans to launch the production of acoustic screens and highly porous glass ceramic blocks in the city, in which it is ready to invest at least 322 million rubles, the press service of the mayor's office said on Friday.

"The status of a resident of the Tomsk industrial park has been assigned to OOO Stroitelnaya Fabrika ("Construction Factory")... The company plans to launch the production of construction ceramic materials. The new plant will produce two types of products: heat cells and acoustic screens," says the message.

It is noted that heat cells - highly porous glass ceramic blocks - can be used as a material for wall enclosing structures, as a heat-insulating coating. The company plans to produce at least 20 standard sizes of this material, as well as individual formats for design projects.

From the acoustic (noise protection) screens, which will be manufactured at the new production facility, it will be possible to make sections with any bend and implement various, including non-standard, architectural and planning solutions.

It is added that the launch of production is scheduled for 2023. The enterprise plans to invest at least 322 million rubles in the implementation of the project and create 70 jobs.

According to the website of the Tomsk industrial park, OOO Stroitelnaya Fabrika ("Construction Factory") has become a resident of the "Severnaya" site.

According to the SPARK-Interfax analytical system, OOO Stroitelnaya Fabrika ("Construction Factory") was registered in the Tomsk village of Kornilovo in 2012. Belongs to the number of micro-enterprises (7 employees). The owner of the company is its general director Aleksey Borovskikh (co-owner of the companies Indor-consulting, Indor-liniya, Indor-most and Dornadzor; specializing in the construction and repair of roads, bridges and cargo transportation). In 2019, the proceeds from sales of Stroitelnaya Fabrika amounted to 71.5 million rubles, net profit - 5.7 million.

Tomsk industrial park was created to locate the production of small and medium-sized businesses on sites provided with roads and all engineering infrastructure. The industrial park has two sites - Severnaya (for the chemical industry, mechanical engineering and similar industries) and Yuzhnaya (Berezovaya) - for the food and light industries. As of April 2021, nine residents were registered at both sites.

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