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Tomsk chemists’ development hit top 10 inventions of Russia for 2020

© пресс-служба "Томскнефтехим"Tomsk chemists’ development hit top 10 inventions of Russia for 2020

TOMSK, Apr 14 – RIA Tomsk. The development of Tomsk NIOST (R&D division of SIBUR) entered the top 10 best inventions of 2020 of Rospatent; scientists created an import-substituting technology for the production of polymeric fire retardant, which is necessary for the production of fire-resistant types of insulation, NIOST senior project manager Artemy Ayusheev told RIA Tomsk.

According to him, polymeric fire retardant is a new generation of a special additive that is used in the production of expandable and extruded polystyrene (EPS and XPS). It makes these types of insulation resistant to combustion. In addition, polymeric fire retardant is an environmentally friendly material - it is completely safe for humans and the environment.

Evolution of insulation

“For a long time the whole world used a cheap monomeric flame retardant, then it was banned for environmental reasons. There are only two manufacturers of the new eco-friendly polymeric flame retardant on the market - the Netherlands and the USA. Our task was to create a production technology of polymeric fire retardant that would be environmentally friendly, cheap, effective," Ayusheev said.

He added that Canada and Japan have banned the use of the previous generation of this additive, the EU countries plan to introduce a ban in 2021.

"Russia still lacked its own production of fire retardant for polystyrene. It took time to develop an import-substituting solution and optimize its cost price, but in the end we got a competitive product. The development of SIBUR has no analogues in Europe and Asia and is included by Rospatent in the list of top 10 inventions of Russia in 2020," he said.

According to Ayusheev, SIBUR received patents for the developed fire retardant and its manufacturing technology. Currently, the company is negotiating with an industrial partner on the organization of production - it is planned that the production of polymeric fire retardant in Russia will begin in the second half of 2021.

The specialist added that the emergence of Russian technology for the production of polymeric fire retardant will make it possible to abandon the use of imported material and can reduce the cost of final products - fire-resistant insulation.

Polymeric flame retardant on the global market

As RIA Tomsk clarified in the press service of SIBUR, the total consumption of fire retardant in Europe, Turkey and Russia is about 15 thousand tons per year. More than one thousand tons of them are in demand from Russian producers of EPS.

"And so far all this volume is being imported. The first deliveries of the domestic flame retardant are planned to begin in the second quarter of this year and in the future will bring their volume to 4.5 thousand tons per year. The first batches of flame retardant are already being tested at SIBUR-Khimprom (Perm)," the press service reported.

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