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Oil and gas chemistry REC allows TPU to cooperate with partners more

© с сайта ТПУOil and gas chemistry REC allows TPU to cooperate with partners more

TOMSK, Jun 2 – RIA Tomsk. The Research and Educational Center (REC) of oil and gas chemistry and technology was opened on the basis of the TPU School of Earth Sciences & Engineering; the new unit will combine several research areas and allow TPU to perform more work in the interests of industrial partners, the university's press service reported on Wednesday.

"The Research and Educational Center of Oil and Gas Chemistry and Technology will combine five sectors: oilfield chemistry, drilling fluids, slurry solutions, reservoir physics, oil and petroleum product chemistry... The center will perform both scientific and industrial projects. However, the main accent will be made on interaction with industrial partners," says the release.

According to the press service, the core staff of the new scientific and educational center will consist of employees of the Innovation Research Laboratory for Drilling, Washing and Slurry Solutions of the TPU School of Earth Sciences & Engineering, new specialists, including young scientists – undergraduates and postgraduate students from Russia and abroad will also be involved.

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Opening of the Center of Oil and Gas Chemistry and Technology at TPU
"The opening of the center will expand the range of research and engineering work in the field of petrochemicals through new and modern equipment, interdisciplinary connections, and expanding the demand from industrial partners. It is a response to the request to break down the barriers between the laboratories of the university. It is important that the center opens up additional opportunities for students," TPU Acting Rector Andrey Yakovlev is quoted as saying.

In order to complete the center under the instrumentation upgrade program, high quality equipment was purchased - a rheometer and a tensiometer worth over 15 million rubles. All in all, more than 70 million rubles have been spent for the arrangement and purchase of different equipment for different sectors of the center over the years.

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Opening of the Center of Oil and Gas Chemistry and Technology at TPU
"We are able to carry out major projects, we have accumulated experience that will allow us to solve serious problems in the scientific sphere and for industrial partners in an integrated manner. I am sure that we have interesting work ahead of us," the press service quotes the Head of the Center Konstantin Minaev.

It is specified that the center's divisions are located in the 19th and 2nd buildings, as well as in the TPU Science Park. Industrial partners AO Tomskneft VNK contributed to repair and re-equipment of premises in the 19th Building.

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