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5:03 PM  June 4, 2021

Tomsk "Mezheninovka" starts exporting fertilizers from poultry manure

© РИА Томск. Таисия ВоронцоваTomsk Mezheninovka starts exporting fertilizers from poultry manure

TOMSK, Jun 4 – RIA Tomsk. Mezheninovskaya Poultry Farm, located near Tomsk, to start selling fertilizers from chicken manure in stores in Tomsk and Tomsk region in 2021, and supply the product to other regions of Russia and abroad, in particular to China, Spain, Turkey and Iran, Deputy General Director for Livestock and Crop Production Vladimir Yermolenko told journalists.

It was informed earlier that in 2020 Mezheninovskaya poultry farm bought German machinery which allows to reduce manure processing from one year to a few weeks. The equipment helps to neutralize unpleasant odors very quickly, which Tomsk people complain about every year, especially in summer. New technologies also allow to optimize many production processes.

As Yermolenko told journalists, in 2020 the company managed to get a high-quality organic fertilizer from recycled chicken manure, which is already used in poultry farms in Tomsk and Shegarsky districts. The manufacturer is ready to supply the product to customers.

"We got into the register of organic fertilizer producers, now we are becoming a federal register of organic and mineral fertilizer producers. We have plans to replicate these fertilizers within the Tomsk region - sell them in stores to dacha farmers, work with agricultural producers on barter, there are requests from private farms from the southern regions of Russia," he said.

A subsidiary of the poultry farm OrganicAgro will sell fertilizers in retail stores. It is also planned to export products to countries such as China, Spain, Turkey and Iran. Each customer will be supplied with a specific type of fertilizer - liquid, loose or granular, depending on the type of soil in a particular area. Exports of the product, as well as deliveries to Russia, are scheduled to begin in September of this year.

© РИА Томск. Альфия Айбатова
"This is a very high quality product. Together with it radically increases yields. We even experimented with it on our own seedbeds. For example, first we do pre-sowing tillage, sow, then we do leaf feeding with humate (liquid fertilizer) - intensive growth starts immediately. One can treat everything: vegetables, berries, any crops," Yermolenko added.

According to the SPARK-Interfax analytical system, OOO Mezheninovskaya Poultry Farm was founded in 1999. The main field of activity is poultry farming. It is referred to as a large enterprise, the number of employees is 1.8 thousand people. The main owners of the company are Elina Ladychenko (30%), Andrey Churkin (26.27%) and Vladimir Khoroshilov (26.26%). According to the results of 2020, the company's revenue was 5.5 billion rubles, net profit - 623.1 million rubles.

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