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2:08 PM  July 9, 2021

Russian swimmers won the team event of the World Championship in Tomsk

© Валерий ДоронинRussian swimmers won the team event of the World Championship in Tomsk

TOMSK, Jul 9 – RIA Tomsk. The RUF team of the Russian Underwater Federation became the winner of the medal standings of the Finswimming World Championship, which ended in Tomsk center of water sports Zvezdny, the second place was taken by team of Hungary, the third – by Chinese team, the press service of the regional administration reported on Friday.

Earlier it was reported that the CMAS Finswimming World Championship was held in Tomsk from July 3 to 8. About 330 athletes from 31 countries of Europe, Asia, Africa, North and South America participated in the championship. The Russian team included seven athletes from Tomsk.

Main results

"The RUF team of the Russian Underwater Federation became the winner in the medal standings. Russian athletes won 28 medals, of which 12 gold, 10 silver and six bronze medals, and took first place in the team event," says the report. 

Swimmers from Hungary came second with 14 medals, including five gold ones. China team took the third place with 13 medals, five of them were gold as well.

"The RUF team of the Russian Underwater Federation (Russian athletes) performed well. I am always happy when we are in the lead, but it is absolutely necessary that as many countries as possible win medals, otherwise there will simply be no development of the sport. It is necessary that more countries come, win medals and there is a desire to participate in competitions," President of the World Underwater Sports Federation (CMAS) Anna Arzhanova commented to reporters.

According to the organizers, the world champion in 50 meters apnea was China's Hu Yaoyao, Alena Parshina from Tomsk took the second place. South Korean athlete Lee Dongjin won in this discipline among men. The gold medalists in the 800 meters surface finals were Johanna Schikora (Germany) and Oleksii Zakharov (Ukraine).

The Russian athletes became world champions in men's and women's 4 х 100 meters surface finswimming (SF). Tomsk swimmer Alena Parshina, Alexandra Skurlatova, Vasilii Pushkarev and Egor Kachmashev were the members of the teams.

"I love speed and water"

"I've been swimming since I was 10 years old, first in the Sverdlovsk region and now in Tomsk. I have a lot of experience in international competitions, so there was no excitement," Egor Kachmashev, who at 18 years old has the title of Honored Master of Sports of Russia, told RIA Tomsk. Kachmashev is a multiple champion of Russia and Europe, winner of the Cup of Russia.

As Vasilii Pushkarev, Master of Sports of Russia, added in his turn, it was his first experience of participation in such big competitions. "I was nervous, but after the first start it became easier, it helped me achieve what I wanted. I've been swimming since I was seven years old, I remember how my father sent me to the pool. I like it for its speed, entertainment and I love water in general", Pushkarev said.

© РИА Томск. Ольга Трепова
Tomsk swimmers Vasilii Pushkarev and Egor Kachmashev
Earlier also it was informed that on Friday, on July, 9th, in the Tomsk pool Zvezdny the new tournament – the International International University Finswimming Competition started. On July 10,11 and 12 Zvezdny will host participants of another major sporting event – Sport Diving World Championship.

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