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Tomsk forever: Colombian swimmers made a tattoo in memory of Siberia

© РИА Томск. Tomsk forever: Colombian swimmers made a tattoo in memory of Siberia

TOMSK, Jul 18 – RIA Tomsk. Athletes from Colombia Frank Valle, Breyner Pava and Salazar Mateo Solarte, who came to Tomsk for the CMAS Finswimming World Championship, took with them unusual souvenirs – they made tattoos in memory of the Siberian city. Read more about the choice of sketches and places remembered by the swimmers in the RIA Tomsk material.

CMAS Finswimming World Championship was held in Tomsk from July 3 to 8. About 330 athletes from 31 countries of Europe, Asia, Africa, North and South America participated in it. The largest foreign team was the delegation from Colombia, consisting of 40 people.

Athletes not only participated in the heats – in their free time they were able to walk around Tomsk. Some of them not only bought magnets in local souvenir shops, but also decided to leave a memory of the championship in a more radical way – they got tattoos in one of the city's studios.

Church, matryoshka doll and bear

Swimmer Frank Valle got a tattoo with an image of one of the Tomsk's churches and the inscription "Tomsk".

"I decided to get a tattoo because it was something that would remind me of Tomsk. This drawing (with the church) we chose together with the tattoo artist – he suggested the general idea, and then together we finalized the sketch and the inscription. I have six more tattoos, most of them on my right arm. In Tomsk I remember cultural areas and places symbolic of the city – the Lagerny Garden, Voskresenskaya Mountain" , – says the athlete.

© предоставил Франк Валле
Frank Valle chose Tomsk temple as a sketch
Frank's teammate Breyner Pava, who also represented Colombia at the World Championship, chose a sketch with a bear.

"I wanted to remember a great experience I had – Finswimming World Championship and my first trip to Russia. I wanted to get ink done something representing Russia that would remind me of the Championship. I wanted to do another bear, but I didn't have time because I had to go back to Colombia. I still have tattoos on my ribs, forearm and leg", – he said.

© предоставил Брейнер Пава
Breyner Pava with a bear tattoo
The athlete added that he remembered most of all the forest in Tomsk Akademgorodok, where their hotel was located, as well as the good attitude of the competition organizers: "I really liked the friendliness of the people who helped us, our volunteer who was very kind and helped us until the last moment when we returned to Colombia".

And another member of the Colombian team, Salazar Mateo Solarte, chose the traditional symbol of Russia, a matryoshka doll, complementing the sketch with a championship emblem of intertwined monofins.

© предоставил Салазар Матео Соларте
Matryoshka doll on the back of Salazar Mateo Solarte

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