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Tomsk shows a project for Volga Germans deportation 80th anniversary

© РИА Томск. Анна ЯрославцеваTomsk shows a project for Volga Germans deportation 80th anniversary

TOMSK, Sep 14 – RIA Tomsk. Online project presentation "Open the Exile" timed to the 80th anniversary of the Volga Germans deportation to be held on September 17; everyone will be able to learn the stories of "willy-nilly Tomsk residents" and see the freight car in which they travelled, one of the project’s authors, head of the agency's press center Anna Yaroslavtseva told.

According to her, the "Open the Exile" project was created by students and teachers of the Higher School of Journalism of Tomsk State University, as well as representatives of the German Autonomy of Tomsk. The date of the presentation is not accidental – on September 17, 1941, a train carrying immigrants from the Volga region arrived in Tomsk. 

"The project is unique, perhaps, in its scale. We did not just tell a story about deportation of the Volga Germans to our region, we "animated" it with stories of people – passengers of the train, which arrived in Tomsk in 1941, interviews with their descendants, and original illustrations: designers recreated freight car, in which people were going to Siberia for 2-3 weeks, drew an infographic "The resettler short-list", – said Yaroslavtseva.

The heroes of the project were, among others, well-known Tomsk residents. For example, among the passengers of the train were ethnographer, linguist and archaeologist, professor of Tomsk State Pedagogical University Andrey Dulzon with his family (his son, future TPU professor Alfred Dulzon, was four years old), honoured coach of Russia, coach of TPU basketball team Georgy Resch, family of Tomsk writer Leonid Gartung.

"Nobody specifically wrote down the passengers of the echelon, we found them ourselves from various sources. Our project is about Tomsk citizens and for Tomsk citizens. It is about those who by the will of fate ended up in the Tomsk region and fell in love with it", – Yaroslavtseva added.

The presentation of the project will be held on September 17, Friday, 18.30, at "Boiling Point" (Lenin Ave., 26). Participation is free, but registration is needed. Link to online streaming >>>


In August 1941, the Presidium of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR issued a decree "On the resettlement of Germans living in the Volga region". As a result the Autonomous Republic of the Volga Germans, which existed since 1932, was abolished, and its inhabitants were ordered to prepare for resettlement within 24 hours, and with a limited amount of their property to arrive at the assembly points.

Between September and October 1941 alone, more than 400,000 Soviet Germans were deported to remote areas of Siberia, Kazakhstan and Central Asia. Some of them ended up in Tomsk.

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