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11:03 AM  October 6, 2021

Prestigious British Gallery D31 will exhibit a picture of TSU student

© предоставлено Татьяной БерсневойPrestigious British Gallery D31 will exhibit a picture of TSU student

TOMSK, Oct 6 – RIA Tomsk. A painting by Tatiana Bersneva, a student of the Institute of Arts and Culture of Tomsk State University (IAC TSU) was selected for the autumn online exhibition of the D31 Art Gallery in the UK. How it happened and what meaning Tomsk resident put into her "reflection in the microwave" – in the RIA Tomsk material.

Warmed up the soup

Tatiana Bersneva is a fourth-year student of IAC TSU, at the Department of Fine Arts. She is known to young Tomsk residents as the author of the OT-KRY-TKI brand and collage artist. In 2018, she began carving letters and pictures from magazines to make postcards. The hobby grew into a small business, which Tatyana combined with studying and painting.

© предоставлено Татьяной Берсневой
Collages of Tatyana Bersneva

"I began to communicate with one of my favorite artists – Olga McBain. We talked, I wanted to know how to participate in exhibitions, this is important for me. She gave me telegram channels. I searched and stumbled upon the gallery exhibition in Doncaster (D31), did not even look at the format and applied for a joke on the last day," Tatyana said.

A few days later, the girl received a message that her painting "Sudden Reflection" (watch the main photo) was accepted at the gallery's online exhibition.

"The theme of the exhibition this year is "Reflection" and I have my favorite picture - the self-portrait "Sudden Reflection". It was a training assignment. I decided to eat, to warm up the soup. I have a microwave where you don't see food, but you see yourself. It's mirrored. And I saw how I reflected there, quickly sketched," Tatyana comments on her picture.

It took her two hours to draw the final version of the self-portrait. According to the artist, this is a rethink of the classic self-portrait. She is developing now within the framework of classical realism and teaching painting and sculpting to children.

© предоставлено Татьяной Берсневой
Tatyana Bersneva

"There is no need to waste paints on this"

"I am interested in the topic of critical realism. This is drawing what it is, but everyone diligently avoids it. I treat drunks and" boyhood "with a kind irony – I did not see this in childhood, and then I had to see that there is not very pleasant, I decided to immerse myself in this, to explore. There is an opinion that what I draw is not necessary to waste paint on this. Therefore, when I submit works to exhibitions, this is an attempt to prove something to myself and others," Tatyana says.

The picture of the TSU student can be seen on 9 October on the website of the Art Gallery of D31.

"This is a rare and very important precedent when a student, a young artist independently looks for the opportunity to exhibit abroad and her work is accepted for exhibitions. Participation in such events is an important practice and recognition for the young artist and, of course, confirmation of the quality of training at the Institute of Arts and Culture," Anastasia Kuklina, deputy director for creative work at IAC TSU said.

The Autumn Exhibition at the D31 Art Gallery is an exhibition of artists from around the world, which is held in online and offline formats. The gallery D31 founded in February 2020 by 20 artists.

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