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Two-month "Creative Seasons" starts in Tomsk on Monday

© из группы Высшей школы журналистики ТГУ "ВКонтакте"Two-month Creative Seasons starts in Tomsk on Monday

TOMSK, Oct 10 - RIA Tomsk, Kristina Proshkina. Festival "Creative Seasons" of Siberian Design Center (SDC) and Penates cluster with support of Tomsk State University (TSU) begins in Tomsk on October 11; within two months, all creative Tomsk residents have opportunity to meet with experts from supernova media, urbanism and other fields, deputy director of SDC Alexandra Shmakova told RIA Tomsk.

Creative Seasons is a festival of creative industries, each week of which will be dedicated to one of seven topics: theater, visual, fashion, sound, urbanism, new media and the Internet. The events of the festival will be held until December 12 in the cafe "Kafedra" (Lenin Avenue, 79) and at the sites of partners, including TSU. The topic of the first week is new media.

"The festival will begin with (topic) of new media. In just two months, we plan to receive about 1000 participants. Success for us will be if they see themselves as part of the creative community, create creative projects. We will support the initiatives," Shmakova said.

Supernova Media and Instagram Magazine

Workshop "Everyone wants to work in new media. What about supernovae?!" from the dean of the Higher School of Journalism (HSJ) of TSU Ilya Myasnikov opens the program of the festival. The event will begin on October 11 at 19.00 in the educational cafe "Kafedra." Admission is free, you must register.

Non-lecture on the topic "Media volunteering: how Poster works" from a teacher at the Higher School of Economics and TSU and co-founder of the Instagram magazine "Poster" Maxim Vaganov will be held on October 12 at 19.00 at the "Kafedra". The speaker will talk about the motivation of the magazine's employees, the formats of work and how they measure the success of the project. You need to buy a ticket.

Starting to make noise: podcasts, media projects and PechaKucha

Two master classes will be held on Wednesday, October 13th. Master class "Idea, hero, voice: we are starting to make noise! How to start making a podcast" starts at 17.00 at the "Kafedra". Kristina Proshkina, a journalist and host of the Tomsk Oranges podcast, will share the basic principles of creating podcasts and answer the question "Why is it important not to eat bread and jam?". You need to buy a ticket.

After talking about podcasts, HSJ TSU teacher, designer, candidate of philological sciences Vasily Vershinin will hold a master class "How to tell stories in digital media". The meeting will help those who want to find the best services for media projects, work in small teams and receive international design awards. Beginning at 19.00 at the cafe "Kafedra". Buy a ticket.

After the theoretical part about podcasts, festival participants can go to practical. The creation of a podcast in the recording studio will be held on October 14 at 16.30 at the Center for Advanced Professional Training (Moscow Tract, 12). Novice podcasters will be able to choose any topic of interest to them and record a podcast in a professional studio. You need to buy a ticket.

The week of new media will end with an international format of quick presentations PechaKucha. Speakers from different spheres will share not only knowledge, but also real cases. So, for example, Evgeny Zhukov, producer and director, will tell how to do film projects away from the capitals. Beginning October 15 at 19.00 at the cafe "Kafedra". Full list of speakers and ticket price here.

The next week of the festival "Creative Seasons" will be devoted to urban studies, it will be held from October 18 to 24.

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