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1:07 PM  November 25, 2021

New resident of the Tomsk SEZ will build a production facility

© Группа ОЭЗ "Томск" в соцсети FacebookNew resident of the Tomsk SEZ will build a production facility

TOMSK, Nov 25 – RIA Tomsk. ProKvanT, a new resident of the Tomsk Special Economic Zone (SEZ), plans to build a production building of 8,000 square meters for private investments, where software and hardware complexes will be created and experimental production will be located, the press service of the regional administration reported on Thursday.

Earlier it was reported that the Tomsk SEZ, one of the six technical innovative zones of the Russian Federation, was opened in 2006. Following the abolition of a number of federal tax benefits and an increase in contributions to social funds for non-IT companies, Tomsk SEZ has faced an exodus of residents. From 2018 to 2021, their number dropped from 100 first to 45, and then to 39, with three companies becoming new residents in 2020 and 2021.

"AO ProKvantT, established in 2021 on the basis of a separate subdivision of AO InfoTecs, as a resident of the SEZ Tomsk, plans to build a research and production complex of 8 thousand square meters on the southern site of the Tomsk. SEZ. It will be the largest facility built here on private investment", – the press service informed, without specifying the amount of the project.

It is specified that the primary investments will go for the construction of the complex itself and the purchase of technological equipment. The company's tax deductions to budgets of all levels must amount to about 283 million rubles.

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"This project will allow us not only to increase the production of software and hardware complexes, but will also allocate capacity for experimental production needed to develop our products, including quantum cryptographic systems, which are the future", – InfoTecs CEO Andrey Chapchayev is quoted.

With reference to the head of the SEZ Konstantin Kaminsky, it is reported that the Biolit company has also announced plans to build enclosures on the basis of the special economic zone. "Three more projects are in the works", – he said.

InfoTecs is a domestic developer and manufacturer of high-tech software and firmware for information protection. The company's central office is in Moscow, with representative offices in St. Petersburg, Khabarovsk, Novosibirsk, Yekaterinburg, Rostov-on-Don, Ufa and Penza. Tomsk is home to the company's own pilot and mass production facilities.

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