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TSU scientists grow up human cells for researches

© РИА Томск. Павел СтефанскийTSU scientists grow up human cells for researches

TOMSK, Nov 30 – RIA Tomsk. Scientists of the Tomsk State University (TSU) will make experiments on cultivation of cells of animals and people; the obtained data are planned to be used for development of technology of treatment of autism, obesity and other diseases without drugs, the press service of the higher education institution reported on Wednesday.

It is specified that now there is a preparation of sterile rooms and the equipment for cultivation of cells in TSU. Experiments with use of cellular crops are a trend of world science, as they bring researches to a new level. Use of new technologies will allow scientists to develop exercises, which will help sick people to cope with serious illnesses without drugs.

"We are engaged in studying of proteins – myokine, which represents biologically active agents and developed as a result of physical exercises. Knowing the mechanism of their origin, we will be able to pick up exercises, which will allow to replace medicines and to treat cognitive frustration without tablets", – the employee of the Faculty of Physical Education of TSU Anastasia Kabachkova is quoted in the message.

Earlier it was reported that the TSU scientists were the first in Russia who began to study myokine. These substances are emitted with an organism during sports exercises. The scientists already know, that these proteins are analogs of cytokines, which are allocated with immune system, that the organism could struggle with various diseases.

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According to the higher education institution, during the new researches it is planned to grow up cellular crops and to influence them electric current, that will imitate physical exercises and provoke development of myokine in muscle cells. The grown-up cells are planned to be used in development of new technologies of treatment of cognitive disorders (autism, memory loss) and the illnesses, caused by disturbance of a metabolism (diabetes mellitus, obesity).

"The main complexity in cultivation of cells is creation of the sterile environment. Violation of sterility can spoil the end result. We are interested in muscle cells myoblasts, but development of the general technology of work with cells of mammals will allow to grow up many types of cells, individual conditions are selected for everyone", – the graduate student of the Faculty of Physical Education of TSU Ksenia Milovanova is quoted.

Milovanova has a training in laboratory of physical chemistry of membranes of the Faculty of Biology of the Moscow State University (MSU). Besides work with cells in the laboratory, which is headed by professor of MSU and TSU Sergey Orlov, the graduate student learns to define concentration of protein in the received test, to carry out their electrophoresis in gel for a further research.

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