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3:22 PM  March 21, 2017

TSU geologists estimate 2 gold deposits near BAM for Nordgold

© сайт Томского государственного университетаTSU geologists estimate 2 gold deposits near BAM for Nordgold

TOMSK, Mar 21 – RIA Tomsk, Karina Sapunova. Scientists of  Tomsk State University (TSU) will explore two gold deposits in Siberia for the international company Nordgold in 2017, the press service of the university reported on Tuesday.

According to TSU, now mining companies are interested in opening of new fields, and it is preferable if they are in areas close to the operating mines. It is caused by the fact that their production will be profitable even without really large reserves of gold or silver as all necessary infrastructure – roads, factory and another is already created in the area.

"Scientists of "Analytical Center of Geochemistry of Natural Systems" of TSU geological and geographical faculty perform works for the international company Nordgold, conducting gold mining on four continents of the planet. The geologists are engaged in search of new perspective objects and finding of the direction of bedding of gold-bearing veins", – it is said in the message.

It is specified that the TSU geologists worked at gold and silver deposits in the Amur region, Yakutia and Buryatia in 2016. The data, obtained by the scientists, are used for the organization of drilling operations. Then geologists investigate the received samples, estimate quality and amount of ore. It helps to define economic feasibility of further researches of the fields.

"The Nordgold company will continue cooperation with the geologists of TSU in 2017. The scientists will carry out diagnostics of deformation structure of rocks, will define the direction of bedding of layers of gold-bearing ore and will construct deformation models of new objects near two fields located along BAM", – it was noted in the university.

It is explained that use of these models will allow mining companies to increase considerably efficiency of searches and investigation of deposits of noble metal.

Nordgold is a Russian gold mining company having nine operating mines and developing a number of projects in six countries on four continents. It is created in 2007 as structure of Severstal, it is allocated in the separate company and placed the depository receipts in the London stock exchange in 2011.

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