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5:35 PM  August 22, 2017

Adamov: EDPC "BREST-300" project in Seversk will be self-sustaining

© с сайта проекта "Прорыв" РосатомаAdamov: EDPC BREST-300 project in Seversk will be self-sustaining

TOMSK, Aug 22 – RIA Tomsk. The experimental demonstration power complex (EDPC) "BREST-300" in Seversk will be a self-sustaining project, without taking into account the costs of R&D; the construction of the BREST reactor will begin in 2018, the head of the Rosatom project Proryv (Breakthrough) Evgeny Adamov told deputies of the regional Duma on Tuesday.

Earlier it was reported that Rosatom since 2011 realizes at the SCP the project "Proryv". In Seversk as a part of the experimental demonstration power complex there will appear the BREST-OD-300 reactor facility with a station nuclear fuel cycle, and also the production of uranium - plutonium (nitride) fuel for fast neutrons reactors. The reactor facility will be experimental and won't be used for commercial operation.

"In 5 years we have created a technology for producing of heavy fuel for the reactor, although we were told that we will not be able to do this even in 30 years. <...> In 2018 we will definitely start building a power unit", - Adamov said, answering a question of the deputy Boris Maltsev.

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He clarified that the "BREST-OD-300" project is not commercial, and it does not have the task of making a profit, but according to existing calculations, the installation will be self-sustaining. "We can achieve a return on EDPC without taking into account the costs of R&D, which are currently being carried out. In any case, it will not make a big profit, but the technologies that will be "assimilated" are potentially very profitable", - Adamov said.

He also specified that the number of employees at the EDPC will be 1090 people. "And I'm trying hard to reduce this number, we do not need a crowd of people with wheelbarrows, we need top-class specialists who will strive to work for EDPC", - explained Adamov.

In turn, the director of programs for working with the TVEL corporation regions Gennady Lisavkin explained that with the number of employees of the SCP of 3,5 thousand people it will grow up to 5,5 thousand. "This is an increase in the number (of SCP employees - Ed.) by 2 thousand people, including at the expense of the EDPC, the projects of new general industrial production and the creation of the Advanced Development Territories (ADV)", - he said.

Earlier it was reported that the start of the construction of the BREST-OD-300 reactor in Seversk was postponed due to the need of additional tests of the key structural elements of the reactor. For additional R&D in 2017 1.1 billion rubles were allocated.

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