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Tomsk friends, Indian cuisine: how Saif and Gokul celebrate New Year

© РИА Томск. Павел СтефанскийTomsk friends, Indian cuisine: how Saif and Gokul celebrate New Year

TOMSK, Dec 29 – RIA Tomsk. Tomsk students Shaif and Gokul are - future physicians, like all students, in the last New Year's Eve days they do not go shopping, but go through the corridors of the university - pass exams and tests, but, like everyone around, they are waiting for the New Year; about what their holiday will be look like, they told the RIA Tomsk correspondent.

Tomsk Christmas tree will be seen in India

Saif Ullah Ansari and Getzon Gokul  came from India to Tomsk to study at Siberian State Medical University.

"In the first year I did not celebrate the New Year: there were no friends, I was embarrassed and did not know what and how to celebrate. When I found friends, everything became completely different", - tells Gokul.

© РИА Томск. Павел Стефанский
Students of SSMU Saif Ullah Ansari and Gokul Getzon
Gokul - is a future heart surgeon, he is now in his third year, and his friend Saif is studying in his second year and dreams of becoming an orthopedist.

"Last year we went to see the Christmas tree on Novosobornaya Square with friends, it was a lot of fun. Together with the Russians, we watched fireworks and celebrated like everyone else in Tomsk. This year will be the same. I love this holiday very much", - adds Shaif.

Guys explain that in recent years in India people started to celebrate the familiar New Year on the night of December 31 to January 1. But the traditional for the southern country New Year is celebrated in spring - its date is different in different states: in the state of Saif New Year is celebrated in March, and where Gokul came from - in April.

They say that in their homeland the New Year is also considered a family holiday, it is customary to celebrate it with the family. Therefore, at midnight, just like last year, they plan to share this event with their relatives: they want to connect with their families via Skype directly from Novosobornaya Square and be sure to show the Tomsk Christmas tree, snow and festive decorations.

Indian dessert and Russian pancakes

According to the students, the festive table in their company will be international. They will cook on their own, on the table Russian pancakes will coexist with an Indian sweet dairy dessert called payasam.

"Yes, on New Year's Eve there will be Indian food on our holiday table. Why do we prefer to cook traditional Indian cuisine? Because we left our country, our home, our parents and we study here. To experience the spirit of our home, we cook traditional Indian food", - Gokul explained.

Right after the interview, the guy went for gifts. And his compatriot Saif said in confidence that he had already prepared gifts for his Tomsk friends - it will be Indian sweets.

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