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Tomsk residents try game dishes at the hunting festival "Big Amikan"

© Элеонора ЧернаяTomsk residents try game dishes at the hunting festival Big Amikan

TOMSK, Mar 7 – RIA Tomsk. The exhibition of dogs, ethnic sites, snowmobile rides, relay race, master classes, as well as hunting treats – ear, "karaulik" and "myamlik" – are waiting for guests of the "Big Amikan" holiday, which to be held in the Beliy Yar district center on March 9, on Saturday, the director of MAI "Culture" Oksana Maykova told RIA Tomsk.

Earlier it was reported that the "Big Amikan" holiday in the Beliy Yar district center was first held in March 2018. The event was included in the top 200 events of the year according to the National Calendar of Events eventsrussia.com. In total, over 1,5 thousand holidays from 70 regions of the Russian Federation claimed for the title of the best.

According to her, a big fair will be organized for the guests of the festival, more than 30 playgrounds for participants of all ages, exhibition of hunting dogs, master classes, songs of the peoples of the North will be performed, exhibition of photographs will work. The event will take place from noon until 16.00, the stalls and platforms will begin work from 11:00.

"There will be four stages of the hunters' competition: a gastronomic competition, relay race, snowmobile ride and crossbow shooting. We already have 15 hunters to participate, it is more than last year. There are two women hunters from the Verkhneketsky and Kolpashevsky districts . One of them has already participated, the other will compete for the first time. Teams will also compete", – Maykova told.

She specified that at the gastronomic competition hunters will split pike for fish soup racing each other and make sliced meat from a meat. In the fairgrounds, guests can purchase wild plants, fish, pastries, homemade jams and pickles. Visitors will also try Evenki fish soup and hunting dishes such as "karaulik", "landorik", "kudyablik", "myamlik".

"Karaulik" – is the forest wild meat, fried in a special way with lingonberry or cranberry sauce, the main thing is not to let it escape "karaulit'" – hence the name. "Myamlik" – we call so pelmeni, fried with spices. "Kudyablik" – is baking closer to cakes, and "landorik" – to cookies. Well, it will also not do without "samoplyas", it’s also "spotikach" ("stumbler"). Without it hunters don’t go hunting”, – Maykova explained.

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