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About 1000 "compatriots" moved to Tomsk from abroad since 2016

© РИА Томск. Елена ЗеневичAbout 1000 compatriots moved to Tomsk from abroad since 2016

TOMSK, Mar 12 – RIA Tomsk. About a thousand voluntary back settlers moved to the Tomsk region from abroad under the federal program "Compatriot" in 2016-2018; most often people come from Kazakhstan and Ukraine, the head of the regional labor and employment department Svetlana Gruznykh told reporters on Tuesday.

Earlier it was reported that the program "Compatriots" was launched in the Russian Federation in March 2016. Tomsk region is among the regions implementing the program. Its participants can become compatriots working on professions which are in demand in the region, engaged in business and investment activities, as well as migrants recognized as refugees or granted temporary asylum in the Russian Federation. In 2016 329 people moved to the region.

"About a thousand people have already become participants of the "Compatriot" program (from 2016 to 2018. - Ed.). As a rule, these are engineers, doctors, teachers. And this program allows to close the staff deficit that exists in the system, especially in the education system", – Gruznykh told at a press conference in the RIA Tomsk media center.

She specified that in 2018 296 compatriots and 295 members of their families became participants of the program. For permanent residence in the Tomsk region most often come from Kazakhstan and Ukraine, less often from Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan and Armenia. There have been no cases of resettlement from foreign countries yet.

© РИА Томск. Алена Хлестунова

According to the press service of the labor and employment department of the Tomsk Region, voluntary migrants are provided with assistance in moving and settling in a new place: 20 thousand rubles for the program participant and 10 thousand for family members.

Earlier it was also reported that at the expense of the regional budget of the program "Compatriot" is paid one-time financial assistance for the organization of business, vocational training, reimbursement of expenses for medical certification. In addition, participants of the program who find themselves in a difficult life situation can count on one-time financial assistance before they receive their citizenship of the Russian Federation.

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