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Rector of TSU: students will help to create a unique campus in Tomsk

© Валерий Шарифулин/ТАССRector of TSU: students will help to create a unique campus in Tomsk

TOMSK, Jun 6 – RIA Tomsk. Students of universities of Tomsk have to take part in development of the pilot project on construction in the city of a modern multipurpose interuniversity campus, the rector of the Tomsk State University (TSU) Eduard Galazhinsky considers.

Earlier it was reported that the authorities of the Tomsk region, State Development Corporation VEB.RF and the Ministry of Science and Higher Education of the Russian Federation signed the agreement on realization of the pilot project on construction of the campus in Tomsk on Thursday during the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum (SPIEF). The campus will become a joint object of six state universities. It is planned that the campus will be planned for approximately 20 thousand places.

"Architects are engaged in design of a campus traditionally who pay more attention to an architectural and art esthetic part of space. But the key engine for a university is community of a certain type: creative students, innovators, IT specialists and so on. They have absolutely other requirements to the organization of space", – Galazhinsky told during SPIEF session.

He added that it is important to actively involve students and to consider that type of communities, which the universities want to develop at the organization of the campus in Tomsk.

In turn, the minister of science and higher education Mikhail Kotyukov noted that the opinion of students has to be priority.

"I met students today, and they said that they have a student government, that they want to participate in formation of the agenda of the future. It is absolutely the right story. We form a campus first of all for students. Their opinion in this process needs to be put absolutely precisely on one of the most important positions", – the minister told, commenting on the project for Tomsk and Perm.

Earlier it was also reported that the campus will be created in Tomsk within the Education national project with use of the mechanism of public-private partnership.

About the Education national project

Now the Education national project is implemented in the Russian Federation. Its key purposes are ensuring global competitiveness of Russian education, inclusion of the Russian Federation to number of 10 leading countries of the world on quality of the general education, education of harmoniously developed and socially responsible personality on the basis of spiritual and moral values of the people of the Russian Federation, historical and national and cultural traditions.

Includes 10 projects: "Modern school", "Success of each child", "Support of the families having children", "Digital educational environment", "Teacher of the future", "Young professionals", "New opportunities for everyone", "Social activity", "Education export" and "Social elevators for everyone".

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