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Zhvachkin: foreign students spend 9-10 bln rubles in Tomsk annually

© с сайта Томского политехаZhvachkin: foreign students spend 9-10 bln rubles in Tomsk annually

TOMSK, Sep 5 – RIA Tomsk. Foreign students of Tomsk universities bring about 10 billion rubles a year to the economy of the region, Governor of the Tomsk region Sergey Zhvachkin told on Thursday on the TV channel "Russia-24."

Earlier it was reported that five years ago the contribution of foreign and non-urban students of Tomsk universities to the economy of the region amounted to about 7 billion rubles per year. According to May 2018, the share of foreign students of all forms of study in Tomsk universities has increased from 5.1% to 18.2% in ten years, at that time more than 10 thousand people from 68 countries studied in Tomsk. In 2019, 5,650 students became freshman students, 1,579 of them were foreigners.

"Today foreign students bring from 9 to 10 billion (rubles) for the Tomsk region. Why? It is a fee (for study), it is grandparents, dad and mom who also come with pies from abroad, also rent apartments, take them to restaurants", – the governor said.

Zhvachkin specified that the region plans to attract more foreign students to universities. In particular, a large inter-university campus with 20,000 seats will be built on the left bank of the Tom River for this purpose.

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As the press service of the administration of the region explained RIA Tomsk, in this case it is not only about revenues of budgets of the city and the region, as the annual spending of foreign students will include expenses for clothes, food, entertainment, clothes, housing and study.

Earlier it was reported that the Tomsk authorities intend to form a world-class scientific and educational center in the region within the framework of the national project "Education," which, among other things, will specialize in the export of education. In total, at least 15 SECs should be established in the Russian Federation until 2024 on the basis of integration of universities, scientific organizations and enterprises of the real sector of the economy.

About the Education national project

Now the Education national project is implemented in the Russian Federation. Its key purposes are ensuring global competitiveness of Russian education, inclusion of the Russian Federation to number of 10 leading countries of the world on quality of the general education, education of harmoniously developed and socially responsible personality on the basis of spiritual and moral values of the people of the Russian Federation, historical and national and cultural traditions.

Includes 10 projects: "Modern school", "Success of each child", "Support of the families having children", "Digital educational environment", "Teacher of the future", "Young professionals", "New opportunities for everyone", "Social activity", "Education export" and "Social elevators for everyone".

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