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Tomsk natives won 2 presidential grants on the repression of the 1930s

© из архива музея "Следственная тюрьма НКВД", ТомскTomsk natives won 2 presidential grants on the repression of the 1930s

TOMSK, Oct 15 – RIA Tomsk. Memory center of special settlers appear in 2020 in Palochka village, Verkhneketsky district, Tomsk region using funds of presidential grant, one of authors Irina Yanchenko told. According to the Presidential Grants Foundation website support in the second competition of 2019 get project to create memory square of repression victims in Strezhevoy.

Continuation of the "Palochka" project

Earlier it was reported that in the Verkhneketsky district of the Tomsk region, in the village of Palochka, which arose in the early 1930s as a result of the forcible resettlement of dispossessed peasants, thousands of whom later died of starvation and disease, the first in the Russian Federation memorial to victims of collectivization may appear. The authors of the idea – two residents of the village – won a presidential grant to search for mass graves and restore the names of the victims.

According to Yanchenko, within the framework of the implementation of the project on the first grant, work was carried out in the archives of the Tomsk region and Altai Krai. The list of names compiled from the documents already includes several thousand and continues to grow. The authors applied to participate in the second presidential grant competition of 2019 in order to continue research and won 1.2 million rubles.

"The grant will go to the opening (in Palochka) of a center for the memory of special settlers, in which all our documentation will be collected. Plus, we plan to collect information about the toponymy of our region, about the disappeared villages. Also in the center will be a hall of military glory – these are about our war veterans, who are missing, who died on the battlefields. It will be a common center", – the agency’s interlocutor said.

She added that several options are currently being considered where to place the center, including the buildings of the former rural store and bakery.

Memory square in Strezhevoy

As follows from the materials of the website of the Presidential Grants Foundation, in the second competition of 2019 another project from the Tomsk region devoted to the topic of mass repressions of the 1930s will receive financial support. A little more than a million rubles was won by the application of the "Kultura" ("Culture") Foundation from Strezhevoy. There it is planned to create a memory square for the founders of the city.

"The village of Strezhevoy was founded by the repressed in 1932, from scratch, in the taiga on the banks of the Ob channel. The first wave of special relocations (from the Omsk and Novosibirsk regions) to our places is connected with the elimination of the kulaks as a class. The second wave of special relocations to Strezhevoy surged into 1940s, the Volga Germans were forcibly resettled here", – says the project description.

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