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Center for gifted schoolchildren may appear in TSU

© с сайта ТГУCenter for gifted schoolchildren may appear in TSU

TOMSK, Nov 13 – RIA Tomsk, Vyacheslav Matvievsky. Tomsk State University (TSU) claims to create a Specialized Educational Scientific Center (SESC), which will prepare talented schoolchildren for scientific activity; if application of the university is approved in Ministry of Science and Higher Education, it can count on additional funding from the state budget, the press service of TSU reported.

According to the press service, the activities of the SESC are aimed at working with schoolchildren who have shown outstanding learning abilities. The network of SESC in the Russian Federation exists for more than 55 years, in particular they exist in the Moscow and Novosibirsk state universities. In 2018, four active SESCs received funding for three years of 550 million rubles each. Until 2024 within the framework of the national project "Science" it is planned to create four more centers. Representatives of the Russian Technological Agency and seven universities of the Russian Federation discussed the prospects of the project at TSU.

"We are among those universities that are now preparing applications for participation in the competition to create the SESC... Our SESC will work in partnership with other educational institutions in the region. That is, it will be a network organization", – Elena Sukhanova, Deputy Vice-Rector for Academic Work, Director of the Scientific and Educational Center "Institute for Innovations in Education" is quoted.

It is noted that one of the peculiarities of such a center in TSU will be its interaction with strategic academic units of the university. These are structures that conduct research work and that will identify future workers from the school bench.

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It is added that the concept of the SESC will be based on such disciplines as natural sciences, technology, engineering, creativity, mathematics, which are elements of the so-called "STEAM education", based on the application of an interdisciplinary and applied approach, as well as on the integration of all five disciplines into a single learning scheme.

One of the educational partners of the SESC in the TSU will be the Governor's Svetlyy lyceum, the press service reports.

About the "Science" national project

 Currently the "Science" national project is being implemented in the Russian Federation. Its key goals – are to ensure the presence of the Russian Federation among the five leading countries of the world engaged in research and development in areas defined by the priorities of the scientific and technological revolution, ensuring the attractiveness of work in the Russian Federation for leading Russian and foreign scientists, increasing domestic spending on research and development.

It includes three projects: "Development of scientific and scientific-industrial cooperation", "Development of advanced infrastructure for research and development in the Russian Federation" and "Development of human resources in the field of research and development".

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