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On equal terms with Huawei: head of Tomsk Micran about new markets

© РИА Томск. Яков АндреевOn equal terms with Huawei: head of Tomsk Micran about new markets

TOMSK, Feb 10 – RIA Tomsk. In 2019, the Tomsk Miсran company began working with partners from three new countries, and also for the first time began to supply its equipment for mobile operators of Mongolia, competing with NEC and Huawei. The total portfolio of international orders is estimated at several tens of millions of dollars, CEO of the company Vera Paramonova told.

New solutions for Mongolia

"Since 2019, deliveries of telecommunication equipment for two mobile operators in Mongolia have begun. <...> The main competitors in the telecommunications market here are such international leaders as NEC and Huawei, however, Micran’s communication systems are not inferior to them in either parameters or in terms of price", – Paramonova said.

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General Director of Micran Vera Paramonova
According to her, the specifics of Mongolia lies in its vast distances, low population density, and nomadic lifestyle, which forces telecom operators to look for sophisticated solutions in the construction of communication networks.

So, in these conditions, radio relay stations capable of operating on extended routes even in conditions of indirect visibility, radio relay systems with which it's possible to create extended multi-interval IP traffic lines for 3G and 4G networks, as well as farLink digital radio relay station, proved to be in demand.

"The farLink radio relay station is unique and has no analogues in the world, as it allows to organize data transmission channels without direct visibility using inexpensive infrastructure", – the head of the company said.

Connect the islands of Indonesia

According to the agency’s interlocutor, farLink aroused interest among Indonesian telecom operators, with whom in 2019 Micran signed an agreement to supply several thousand such stations for organizing communications in the country's provinces.

"This equipment is designed to transmit data over long distances and is ideal for deploying telecommunications infrastructure in rural areas or between islands – where the installation of optical fiber is economically and technically impractical", – the head of the company said, adding that the first deliveries of equipment are scheduled for 2020 year.

She noted that the contract was concluded for three years. In addition to working with telecom operators, negotiations are underway with other Indonesian partners to ensure coastal protection using GUARD security systems based on radar and thermal imaging equipment.

New horizons

According to Paramonova, in 2019 new countries appeared on the map of sales of the Tomsk company – Portugal and Turkey. In addition, the company continues to interact with international aerospace companies and is actively working on the development and supply of electronic components for partners from Italy, France and Germany.

"The company is actively working to find potential partners in the Middle East and Central Asia. The total portfolio of orders under international contracts exceeds several tens of millions of dollars", – the agency’s interlocutor added.

She clarified that at the same time, Russia remains the priority market of JSC Micran research and production company, where the company actively participates in the program of import substitution, digitalization and the creation of unique products in the field of the industrial Internet of things and the fifth-generation communication systems.

JSC Micran research and production company specializes in the production of microwave radio electronics, including telecommunication equipment and instrumentation. The geography of orders – is from the CIS to Asia and Africa countries. Micran's sales offices are also located in Italy, Brazil, Vietnam and South Africa. The company has more than 130 patents for inventions and certificates of registration of know-how.

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