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Artificial intelligence in Chinese: TPU student on semester in Beijing

© предоставлено Владиславом Да-ГальдомArtificial intelligence in Chinese: TPU student on semester in Beijing

TOMSK, Feb 22 – RIA Tomsk. Student of Tomsk Polytechnic University (TPU) Vladislav Da-Gald spent a semester in one of the leading universities of China – Beihang University (BUAA), which is considered one of the strongest technical universities in China. In an interview with RIA Tomsk he told how the Chinese use artificial intelligence in everyday life and help foreigners to adapt.

According to open sources, the full name of BUAA – is Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics. The university was founded in 1952. As of 2019, there are 33 academic schools in it, where about 35 thousand students are studying (3 thousand of them – are foreigners).

The university is a partner of more than 200 universities around the world, is a member of university consortia, and holds high positions in international academic rankings.

© предоставлено Владиславом Да-Гальдом
View in Beijing

To Beijing for science

According to TPU, in 2019, the Polytechnic University organized an academic exchange of students with five universities of China, including Beihang University in Beijing. A student of the TPU School of Computer Science & Robotics, Vladislav Da-Gald, returned from China before the outbreak of a dangerous disease, so his academic semester was more than successful. He became the first TPU student to attend BUAA.

"As soon as I saw information about a new Chinese university – a TPU partner, where knowledge of the Chinese language is not required, I made a decision instantly. I must go! Because this university is one of the leading in China in the field of computer science", – recalls Vladislav.

For several months, the polytechnic studied several disciplines related to artificial intelligence, for example, Data Mining (intelligent data analysis necessary for decision-making in various fields of human activity).

"The course was taught by Professor Zhang Ri, who has a high level of citation for his scientific work. He received his Ph.D. from one of the best universities in Canada. And the Artificial Intelligence & Application course was taught by Professor Xiao Bai, who has a significant portfolio in research activities", – says TPU student.

The courses also include Object Oriented Programming, Java, Software Engineering, Operating System.

"The university provides great opportunities for doing science. The level of technical support of laboratories is at a very high level. Interested students, even exchange students, can carry out scientific research in accordance with their interests", – recalls the polytechnic.

© предоставлено Владиславом Да-Гальдом
Vladislav Da-Gald (left), TPU student in Beijing
Vladislav says that acquaintance with artificial intelligence at Beihang University begins literally from a threshold.

"The university’s student campus is a closed territory, access is granted through electronic passes, as well as intelligent face recognition. After the system has "studied" your face, there is no need to use a pass", – he says.

Territory of smart solutions

Vladislav noted in general a large number of innovations in Beijing: "These are cameras that control, I think, every square meter of territory. This is WeChat – a mobile application that combines a social network, payment system, and the purchase of all kinds of goods and services".

The application helps Beijingers, for example, use the city’s bicycle network: "You can rent a bicycle only by scanning the QR code using WeChat application. You can use the bike for virtually unlimited time. The cost of a monthly tariff is less than 200 rubles. You can leave the bike anywhere, just by closing the lock, that’s stop your responsibility for it. "

© предоставлено Владиславом Да-Гальдом
Leisure in Beijing
Among other features of the Chinese city, Vladislav noted the initiative of pensioners.

"In the evening, for example, you will meet a variety of age categories of people on the street, including very elderly Beijing people who are passionate about their activities. Someone is dancing, someone is shooting from a slingshot, singing, playing badminton, dancing with colorful ribbons. Absolute openness", – recalls the student.

He adds that Beijing will also be remembered as a city for the "larks".

"A lot of people wake up around 6 a.m., and at that time most cafes are already open. Since I prefer just this way of life, it was very convenient for me. In Russia, you can hardly find places that open at this time", – says the polytechnic.

Internship with perspective

According to Vladislav, Beihang University did everything possible so that the adaptation of foreign students went smoothly. So, each newcomer was provided with a curator from among Chinese students, organized free trips to the Great Wall of China and other attractions, indulged in national dinners in restaurants.

The university’s student campus is a small city in which there is everything necessary for student (and not only) life: apartments, restaurants, sports centers, supermarkets and so on.

"Foreign students live here in double rooms. My neighbor – is a guy from Norway. We are equally passionate about sports, so we often held various competitions and tested each other", – shares the polytechnic.

As Vladislav noted, in China there is an interest in talented foreign students. For example, with good academic performance and knowledge of English, students can participate in the CSC Chinese government scholarship competition, which covers not only the cost of tuition and accommodation, but also provides monthly payments for the student’s personal needs.

"And, of course, one of the main advantages of the university – is its environment. I made friends with talented students, some of whom are already working in scientific centers of their countries. Someone received a job invitation from automotive giants such as Mercedes, BMW during their bachelor's degree studies", – adds Tomsk student.

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