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Cheese production in the Tomsk region has grown 26 times in 6 years

© РИА Томск. Павел СтефанскийCheese production in the Tomsk region has grown 26 times in 6 years

TOMSK, Apr 12 – RIA Tomsk. Eight Tomsk manufacturers produced 233 tons of cheese in 2020, the volume of the product produced by artisan cheese dairies amounted to 15% (43 tons), a representative of the department of the consumer market of the Tomsk region told RIA Tomsk; in general, the volume of cheese production in the region has increased 26 times since 2015.

"The volume of cheese production in the Tomsk region has increased 26 times since 2015 (2015 - 9 tons, 2016 - 107.3 tons, 2017 - 215.1 tons, 2018 - 261.3 tons, 2019 - 241.8 tons, 2020 - 233.1 tons). The volume of cheese produced by artisan cheese dairies is 43 tons, which is about 15% of the total production," the source said.

He specified that at present, six artisan cheese dairies and two industrial companies (Derevenskoe Molochko ("Village Milk") - 7 types and Tomskoe Moloko ("Tomsk Milk") - 10 types of cheese) are engaged in cheese production in the region. Together they produce about 60 product names.

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In 2015, the Tomsk region produced less than 9 tons of cheese (only 4 types). In 2021 the expected production level is 244.7 tons (75 types of cheese).

Cheese Workshop Svetoch & Co. produces more than 22 types of cheeses (hard, semi-hard and albumin, as well as soft with white and blue mold), Cheese History (VAN CLASSEN trademark) - 6 types of Gouda and Gruyere cheeses with different aging periods (from 2 to 6 months or more).

Siberian Formaggio produces 24 types of cheeses, including 10 soft (mozzarella, kaymak, feta and others) and 14 semi-hard ("Old Tomsk with pine nuts", "Old Tomsk with porcini mushrooms", Gouda, cheeses with white mold and from goat milk).

According to the department's data, "Taste of Cheese" offers about 30 types of products, including soft, pickled, semi-hard and hard varieties, as well as branded "Cheese caramel". Self-employed entrepreneur Gazoyan T.V. makes three types of pickled cheese - Lori, Chanakh, Chechil. Self-employed entrepreneur Bolshanin V.I. - 11 types of soft and semi-hard cheese: Caciotta, English Caerphilly, Colby, Maasdam, Caciocavallo, Camembert mold cheese, Gorgonzola and others.

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