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Russian, Danish experts discuss what a campus in Tomsk should be like

© РИА Томск. Анна ГлушенковаRussian, Danish experts discuss what a campus in Tomsk should be like

TOMSK, Apr 17 – RIA Tomsk. Architects from Denmark and Moscow on Saturday discussed the trends in the creation and development of inter-university campuses, in particular the student campus in Tomsk; about 30 people took part in the discussion, RIA Tomsk correspondent reported from the scene.

Earlier it was reported that in 2019 the regional administration, VEB.RF and the Ministry of Science and Higher Education agreed on the implementation in Tomsk of a pilot project for the construction of an inter-university campus within the framework of the "Education" national project using the mechanism of public-private partnership (PPP). The campus will be able to accommodate 20 thousand students and will become a joint facility of the universities of the Big University of Tomsk.

As the RIA Tomsk correspondent reports, an open discussion "New Center of Urban Life: Development Trends of Inter-university Campuses" took place in Tomsk Boiling Point on Saturday, April 17. Some of the speakers took part online, about 30 people gathered in Boiling Point.

"Tomsk is a university city, special among other Siberian cities... Tomsk has universities wonderfully integrated into the city, they are scattered around the city, but it's as if they require students to move 'circularly,' thus creating an urban life current, which is important," – architect Helle Juul from Denmark said.

She noted that it is important not just to build a campus – "create walls and a ceiling", but to create a multifunctional environment where there is an exchange between business and the university environment, where the campus is not separated from the rest of the urban infrastructure. In addition, it is necessary to preserve the "green area" inside the campus and take care of the health of all its visitors – this became especially important after the 2020 pandemic.

The speaker also told about campus projects in different countries, the concepts of which are applicable to Tomsk. For example, the campus of Malmö University is an open space, accessible not only to students, but also to any residents who can rent premises there. Or Örebro University campus in Sweden, where Helle's company has created a kind of "business campus town" where business, city and campus collaborate.

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In turn, Yana Kozak, director of projects at Strelka KB, spoke about the company's experience in creating a student campus of Novosibirsk State University (NSU), and Ksenia Zvereva, the founder of the vostok.coop architectural bureau, a graduate of the Architects.rf-2020 program, spoke about the history of campuses development in Russia.

As previously reported, the campus is planned to be built on the left bank of the Tom near Tomsk (near the Severny Park neighborhood). It is assumed that it will occupy 400 hectares, 52 of which must be purchased. The authorities expect to complete the technical procedures for the acquisition of land by September, at the end of April to approve the assignment for the design of the inter-university campus, and in the summer of 2022 to begin its construction.

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