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Finnish Ponsse invested 200 million rub to create its service in Tomsk

© РИА Томск. Павел СтефанскийFinnish Ponsse invested 200 million rub to create its service in Tomsk
© РИА Томск. Павел СтефанскийFinnish Ponsse invested 200 million rub to create its service in Tomsk

TOMSK, Nov 11 – RIA Tomsk. The Finnish logging equipment manufacturer Ponsse opened in the Tomsk region the third in Russia service center, worth about 200 million rubles; the unit occupies 1.7 hectares next to the regional logistic center on the Severny tract near Tomsk and will provide technical assistance to dozens of loggers, RIA Tomsk correspondent reports.

It was previously reported that the Finnish company Ponsse is one of the world's leading manufacturers of harvesting machines and is among the creators of modern technologies for careful harvesting. Harvesters or forwarders of this brand are purchased by most major logging companies in Russia. In 2019, the construction of a Ponsse service center in the Tomsk region began.

"This is the third center in Russia and the first beyond the Urals. Why did we choose Ponsse in particular? Firstly, we have a long business history together. Secondly, of course, it is the wish of Tomsk business: when we made the decision, we knew that we needed our own Ponsse service center – the company's interests coincided with the interests of Tomsk loggers," Governor of the Tomsk region Sergey Zhvachkin said at the opening ceremony.

© РИА Томск. Павел Стефанский
Governor of the Tomsk region Sergey Zhvachkin at the opening of the Ponsse service center
The service center covers an area of 1.7 hectares and employs 23 people. Construction was carried out in 2019-2020 literally in a clear field near the regional logistics center on the Severny tract near Tomsk. The complex includes a warehouse for finished equipment and spare parts and a training center. Ponsse specialists can also travel to hard-to-reach areas to provide technical assistance.

According to the press service of the regional administration, 170 Ponsse machines and 23 Ponsse harvesters are involved in logging operations in the region. The company's share in the total volume of machinery used by Tomsk companies amounts to 55%. Around 80 percent of all logging equipment is Finnish brand. All in all, there are about 400 companies logging in the region.

© РИА Томск. Павел Стефанский
Demonstration of Ponsse equipment at the opening of the service center
A representative of the company told the agency that one of Ponsse's key customers in the Tomsk region is the Russian-Chinese company Henda-Siberia (a part of the Ruskitinvest holding). In turn, Jaakko Laurila, CEO of Ponsse OOO, explained that opening a service center in Tomsk cost the company almost 200 million rubles.
© РИА Томск. Павел Стефанский
Opening of the Ponsse service center

© РИА Томск. Павел Стефанский
Jarmo Vidgrén, Chairman of the Board of the Ponsse PLC, and Sergey Zhvachkin, Governor of the Tomsk region, at the opening of the Ponsse service center

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