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Student studied chemistry and Russian at TSU became rector in Mongolia

© с сайта Томского госуниверситетаStudent studied chemistry and Russian at TSU became rector in Mongolia
© Пресс-служба ТГУStudent studied chemistry and Russian at TSU became rector in Mongolia

TOMSK, Dec 20 – RIA Tomsk. Baasandorj Gantumur, a Tomsk State University (TSU) graduate, has become rector of Khovd University in Mongolia, the university's press service said on Monday.

"Gantumur B., a graduate of Tomsk State University, has taken over as rector of Khovd State University in Mongolia. He was one of the first three students to come to study at TSU from far abroad," the statement said.

According to the press service, Gantumur met TSU Vice-Rector for Academic Affairs Alexander Revushkin on an expedition to Mongolian Altai in 1996. On the way back, Revushkin suggested that three Mongolian students, including Gantumur, come to study in Tomsk.

"When we went to Tomsk, they were very shy and I tried to cheer them up. We started figuring out what their names would be in Russia. I suggested that Ayurdzan become Yura, Daegdehei, despite my comments that it was a woman's name, decided to become Dasha, but Gantumur refused the name Gena. After all, his name is translated from Mongolian as "iron"...," the press service quotes the former vice-rector's recollections.

According to the university's press service, Mongolian students studied at TSU for a year. Gantumur studied chemistry and Russian, and after returning to Mongolia, he went on to pursue science and defended his doctoral thesis in chemistry.

"TSU and Khovd University continue their cooperation even now, 25 years later. Every two years a traditional interdisciplinary conference "Natural conditions, history and culture of Western Mongolia and adjacent regions" is held, a number of joint research projects are implemented. Within the framework of the universities' joint activities, teacher retraining and professional development programs have been launched," reads the statement.

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