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TPU scientists are inventors of cheap microtomograph for lab mice

© предоставлено Валерием БориковымTPU scientists are inventors of cheap microtomograph for lab mice
© предоставлено Валерием БориковымTPU scientists are inventors of cheap microtomograph for lab mice

TOMSK, July 1 – RIA Tomsk. Specialists of The Institute of nondestructive control of Tomsk Polytechnic University (TPU) were the first in Russia who developed the small-sized tomograph for laboratory animals and other biological objects research, the director of the institute Valery Borikov reported RIA Tomsk on Wednesday. This microtomograph is cheaper than its analogs.

"We developed this microtomograph in a week. The Polytechnic University produces and sells industrial microtomographs for various purposes; they are the basis of our development. We reduced a dose of x-ray radiation, increased resolution to 10 microns, and created a prototype of a tomograph by which we could successfully scan a laboratory mouse. The animal were not harmed during the experiment ", – Borikov told.

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Also scientists scanned a bone of a dead man. It was necessary for Tomsk physicians who are engaged in development of technology of osteoporosis treatment. "According to these data they plan to make a clinical record to develop treatment techniques. It means that our microtomograph can also be used for the medical purposes potentially, for example, for researches of various tissues of a person", – the interlocutor explained.

According to him, the scientists of the institute has created a prototype on instructions from the rector of the higher education institution Pyotr Chubik to whom the American scientists from the being created in TPU RASA center addressed (Russian-speaking Academic Science Association). The center will specialize on medicobiological researches.

"We executed the internal order. We are going to develop an industrial sample", – he emphasized, having noted that the cost of such device will be at least three times lower than foreign analogs, thus technical characteristics of such microtomograph will be even better than import devices.

"For example, the system of radiation protection and the independent cooling system will allow to use the microtomograph in any rooms", – the head of the institute noticed.

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