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4:00 PM  February 4, 2019

Tomsk Elecard helped to organize the first in Russia 8K broadcasting

© предоставлено Николаем МиловановымTomsk Elecard helped to organize the first in Russia 8K broadcasting

TOMSK, Feb 4 – RIA Tomsk. The first in Russia 8K broadcast was held in Russia by "Orion" group of companies at CSTB Telecom & Media 2019 International Exhibition in Moscow, encoder of the Tomsk "Elecard" company became the "heart" of solution; as Nikolay Milovanov, the director of the company told RIA Tomsk, they provided a module for video compressing and transmitting.

“The International Exhibition of Television and Telecommunications CSTB-2019 was held in Moscow, the "Orion" group of companies organized the first test 8K broadcast in Russia. The “heart” was the solution from the "Elecard" company: we provided an MPEG4 encoder - a module which compresses video information according to a certain standard, “packs” it and transmits it via satellite”, - Milovanov said.

He clarified that now the generally accepted image standard is UltraHD, or 4K format. And 8K - is the size of a picture, which is four times larger than 4K. On a small screen, even an expert is unlikely to see the difference between them - just as it is difficult to notice the differences between 1080 (HD) and 4K (UltraHD) formats, but between 1080 and 8K, they are already obvious.

"Plus, the difference will be enormous when broadcasting on large (street) screens. So far, of course, it’s not a subscriber decision - an ultra-high definition signal cannot be received by a regular TV. For example, the one which broadcast on CSTB cost about 400 thousand rubles, it was the first production model of Samsung domestic TV with a resolution of 7680x4320 pixels", - says Milovanov.

Nevertheless, he is confident that this format will have a future: “In 2020, the Winter Olympic Games will be held in Tokyo, and the Japanese say that they will transmit the image, including 8K. True, few satellite operators in the world have solutions for broadcasting the signal of such high definition, it is a serious technological step forward. And it’s nice that Russia turned out to be ready for it”, - the director of "Elecard" said.

According to the "Orion" company, by 2020, analysts estimate the market of 8K TVs at about 900 thousand units, half of which will be in China.

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