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TPU gather scientists from Europe, Russia, Asia to create "smart" city

© предоставлено Школой базовой инженерной подготовки ТПУTPU gather scientists from Europe, Russia, Asia to create smart city

TOMSK, Apr 9 – RIA Tomsk. Tomsk Polytechnic University (TPU) hold the international seminar with the participation of scientists and experts from Europe, Asia and Russia on creating of a "smart" city and actively involving citizens in its life, the project manager of the Co-creation of EU Human Smart Cities (CoHuSC) project Natalya Goncharova told RIA Tomsk on Tuesday.

Earlier it was reported that TPU in 2018 won a grant of the European Union's Erasmus + Jean Monnet program for the CoHuSC project. Its main idea – is to study the European experience of creating a "smart" city and develop adapted concepts for Russia.

European comfort

According to Goncharova, TPU will hold the international seminar "Smart Technologies for the City: EU, Russia and the countries of Central Asia cases" on April 26-27. Scientists, experts, businessmen, government officials and local residents will gather at the university site. At the round table they will discuss what technologies can be called effective so far as concerns "human-oriented city".

"First of all, we are interested in the model of a "human-oriented smart city". For example, Lisbon was one of the first to launch an online platform for citizen participation in city life: all levels of participation are offered – from information and discussion to big data collection and proactive budgeting", – tells Goncharova.

She adds that TPU scientists within the framework of the project analyzed the European practices and concluded that Copenhagen, for example, demonstrates comfort, creativity, safety and environmental friendliness, which are reflected in unique playgrounds, small architectural forms, vehicles, university campuses and much more. And Stockholm embodies the idea of zero waste and the transformation of snow into a resource.

"The grant of Jean Monnet provides additional resources for studying and adapting models of the European "smart" cities and the dynamics of knowledge about a human-oriented city. Now we are also analyzing and systematizing the practices of Russia and Central Asia, especially focusing on the forms of active involvement of residents in this activity. Our seminar is dedicated to this", – emphasizes the project manager.

Youth position

Earlier it was reported that the first event of the CoHuSC project was a creative workshop with users of the "Living Lab Tomsk" area at the U-NOVUS-2018 forum.

In March 2019, TPU together with LLTONE (Living Lab Tomsk: Experiment No.1) held a seminar “Smart Tomsk-2019: what foreign students see as the international street-yard”: foreign students of Tomsk told what an international street should be in modern Tomsk. Representatives from Colombia, China, Algeria, Sudan, Congo, Cote d'Ivoire, Poland and other countries participated in the student seminar.

© предоставлено Школой базовой инженерной подготовки ТПУ
"Smart Tomsk-2019" seminar at TPU

"During the workshop we created an associative portrait of Tomsk (through the eyes of foreign students). According to foreigners, Tomsk can become more interesting if we add a variety of color and texture of materials on its streets, if pedestrian zones and streets with a temporary restriction on the entry of cars appear in it, night fairs, bicycle sharing systems, navigation in different languages of the world, outdoor furniture with WiFi and chargers for gadgets, and so on", – Goncharova commented.

She added that the results of the student workshop could be the starting point for the joint design of such public spaces which will emphasize the international component of Tomsk and increase the attractiveness of the city. What exactly of the student proposals is used in the European cities and is suitable for Russia will be discussed by participants of the international seminar in April at the TPU site.

© предоставлено Школой базовой инженерной подготовки ТПУ
"Smart Tomsk-2019" seminar at TPU

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