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TPU study what is the river in India industrial region polluted with

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TOMSK, Apr 10 – RIA Tomsk. Researchers of Tomsk Polytechnic University (TPU) brought water samples from Damodar - one of the dirtiest rivers in India; having studied the composition and migration of harmful substances, polytechnicians with their colleagues intend to propose measures to clean the river, the press service of the university reported on Wednesday.

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Earlier it was reported that TPU scientists are involved in the work of the BRICS Network University "Water Environmental Protection and Water Resources Management". Tomsk University acts as the national coordinator of Russia of the work of the international group "Water Resources and Pollution Neutralization".

According to the press service, the project of scientists entering this group, "Environmental geochemistry and organic pollution cleaning using the example of China, India and Russia water systems", received support from the BRICS STI framework program (a framework program under which scientists from BRICS countries implement joint research projects).

It is reported that scientists from Russia, China and India are studying the characteristics of pollution of water bodies in different landscape-climatic conditions in order to develop methods for prevention and cleaning. The Damodar River - is one of the sources of water supply in the city of Durgapur and one of the most polluted rivers in India. Coal quarries are located in its upper reaches, and there are many industrial enterprises in the city. Therefore, the problem of water pollution is very serious.

"In India we took water samples from the Damodar River and its tributaries, including those into which wastewater is discharged. These samples will help us identify the main pollutants and determine the forms of their migration, movement in the aquatic environment", – a graduate student of the TPU Division for Geology Svetlana Ulaeva is quoted.

It is added that colleagues of polytechnicians from India and China will study the microbiological composition of water and look for traces of antibiotics in it.

Workshop for scientists

It is noted that also during the visit to Durgapur polytechnicians took part in the symposium "Workshop on Recent trends on remediation of contaminated water bodies and soil". It was devoted to trends in the issue of restoration of polluted water bodies and soil, and also became part of the work of the International thematic group "Water Resources and the Fight against their Pollution" of the BRICS Network University.

At a public lecture, associate professor of the TPU Division for Geology Evgenia Soldatova spoke about the results of the project "The Geochemical Nitrogen Cycle in Agrolandscapes: Pollution of Ground Waters and the Assessment of Risk to Public Health", which was supported by the Russian Science Foundation.

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