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TPU help Russian universities to enter the European Association CESAER

© Маргарита ВолоковыхTPU help Russian universities to enter the European Association CESAER

TOMSK, May 14 – RIA Tomsk. The CESAER Association of Leading European Universities in the field of engineering education and research intends to expand cooperation with technical universities of Russia thanks to the help of Tomsk Polytechnic University (TPU), the secretary general of CESAER David Bohmert told reporters, he visited TPU with a working visit on Tuesday.

As the TPU Vice-Rector for External Affairs Liliya Kiryanova explained to journalists, CESAER unites 53 universities from 26 countries. TPU joined CESAER in 2015 and still is the only Russian university participating in the association. On Tuesday Bohmert discussed with the leadership of the university the cooperation expansion of TPU and association .

"There are several more universities in Russia that we are interested in. We have just started building relationships with them. The rector (acting rector Petr Chubik – Ed.) of TPU today offered to help us in this communication so that the university fulfills its historical role as a bridge between territories and communities. Therefore, I very much hope that we will have more Russian members", – Bohmert said.

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The Secretary General of CESAER David Bohmert
He noted that TPU is the leading in Russia in terms of engineering innovation, which is reflected in international rankings. For CESAER Tomsk Polytechnic University is interesting because it is geographically located east of all the other members of the association and can act as an intermediary in the cooperation of European and Asian technical universities.

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"We decided to change our model of presence in the association and strengthen our role as we are the only Russian university (at CESAER). <...> TPU is also a member of the association of leading technical universities in Russia and China, therefore we launched an initiative that was supported by the Secretary General of CESAER to make TPU a bridge between the two associations", – Kiryanova told.

Details of the development of TPU and CESAER interaction in the new logic, according to the university press service, will be the subject of further discussions. Bohmert did not rule out that the next meeting of representatives of universities participating in the association could be held in Tomsk.

Earlier it was reported that TPU was founded in 1896 by Emperor Nicholas II as the Tomsk Practical Technological Institute. Since 2013, TPU has been participating in the "5-100" global competitiveness improvement program, which aims to ensure that by 2020 at least five universities of the Russian Federation are included in the hundred best universities of the world. Following the results of the last defense of the "road maps" in the fall of 2018, Tomsk Polytechnic University is in the second group of the project.

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