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VTB finance construction of the first stage of MPP in the Tomsk region

© РИА Томск. Павел СтефанскийVTB finance construction of the first stage of MPP in the Tomsk region

TOMSK, May 21 – RIA Tomsk. VTB Bank opened a credit line worth about 2 billion rubles for the construction of Tugansky Mining and Processing Plant (MPP) "Ilmenite" in the village of Oktyabrsky, Tomsk district; Tugansk quartz sands can be used in glass production in the village of Kopylovo, the head of the Tomsk district administration Alexander Tereshchenko told RIA Tomsk.

Earlier it was reported that the Tugansky Mining and Processing Plant (MPP) "Ilmenite" was established in 2002 to develop the ilmenite-zircon deposit, which is the Russia's largest in terms of reserves of quartz sand and is not inferior in foreign on the content of zircon, ilmenite and rutile. Investors will be the Rostec state corporation and the private fund Izurium Capital. Investment in the project will amount to 9 billion rubles.

“This year (2019), an address investment agreement was signed with VTB Bank, which will finance the construction of the MPP. The credit line is open to the amount of about 2 billion rubles. In addition, the state corporation Rostec is making its own investments. Now there are design bindings (on the ground) and this year the construction of the first facilities has already been declared", - Tereshchenko said.

According to him, at the first stage (2019-2020) about 200 jobs will be created at the Tugansky Mining and Processing Plant. The problem, according to the head of the district, will be to find professionals who are able to work efficiently in specialized production.

“All agreements have been signed, the project documentation is ready and the first stage, which involves basic production (and this is 1/6 of the total investment), will begin to be implemented already in 2019”, - Tereshchenko emphasized.

In his opinion, zirconium sands mined in the Tugansky deposit can be used in glass production, which is planned to be established in the village of Kopylovo, the Tomsk district. The project already has a potential investor, whose name has not yet been disclosed. Currently, the district administration is negotiating with the "Siberian Agrarian Group" on the purchase of land necessary for the project implementation.

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