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11:24 AM  June 12, 2019

The church in Tomsk Belostok to be restored until the end of 2019

© предоставила Агнешка КаневскаThe church in Tomsk Belostok to be restored until the end of 2019

TOMSK, Jun 12 - RIA Tomsk. Restoration of a Catholic church in the village of Belostok of Krivosheinsky district of the Tomsk region will begin on Wednesday; it is assumed that construction work will be completed by winter, and the first divine service will be held in the temple in 2020, the superior of the community Father Wojciech told RIA Tomsk.

Earlier it was reported that in April 2017 in the village of Belostok, Krivosheinsky district burned down the Catholic church, which in 1908 was built by Poles who moved to Siberia through the Stolypin reform. The temple was one of two wooden churches of the early twentieth century, preserved in the territory of Russia. In May 2017, the community created a website devoted to the temple, where funds were fund raising for the restoration of the shrine was organized. Donations came from Poland, Germany, Great Britain, the USA and Russia.

“On Wednesday (June 12) we will begin the restoration of the church that burned down two years ago in Belostok. This is the "first shovel". First there will pass the mass, and then - the consecration of the place where the temple will be located”, - the Father Wojciech said.

According to him, for the restoration of the church it was able to collect the necessary amount - about 110 thousand euros.

A new building will be built of timber: "The foundation of the building will be built on the site, and the walls will be made by the Tomsk company, which will assemble the building on the spot, as a Lego. We hope that in 2019 before winter we will complete all the work <...> and next year we will conduct the first divine service", - the interlocutor of the agency added.

As the organizer of the project for the restoration of the church Agnieszka Kaniewska specified RIA Tomsk, the new building will be one-storeyed and with a tower. On the attic will be equipped warehouse; in addition, in the summer it will be possible to live there.

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The building of the burnt church in Belostok
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The place where the burnt church in Belostok was located

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