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3:22 PM  October 30, 2019

Rector of TSU: "Big University" needs a special federal law

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TOMSK, Oct 30 – RIA Tomsk. "Big University" creation which will unite all universities and research institutes with preservation of their autonomy, will require the development of a special federal law; main goal – is to attract large companies to cooperate with local research teams, the rector of Tomsk State University (TSU) Eduard Galazhinsky told reporters on Wednesday.

Earlier it was reported that the regional authorities plan to create a "Big University" in Tomsk by 2020, which will include all universities and research institutes (RI) with the preservation of autonomy and legal independence. Combining the resources of Tomsk universities and research institutes will allow them to reach a new level in competition with leading scientific centers of Russia, say the ideologists of the project.

"Everyone, and not only in Russia, is interested in technologies for the efficient transfer of knowledge into technology and innovation today. Increased cooperation will give a quick economic effect ... Large companies need one "entry point" to the region (to order technologies and innovative products). And to all Tomsk citizens, unification within the framework of the "Big University" will give a serious competitive advantage", – Galazhinsky said.

The idea of the "Big University" has already been picked up in other regions of Russia. In particular, the universities of Bashkiria plan to unite in order to create an educational project at the federal level. Today, these technologies are of interest not only to Russian, but also to the largest Western universities, says the rector of TSU.

According to him, to promote the idea of ​​the "Big University" at TSU was created the first in Russia international center for knowledge asset management competencies, led by Cambridge professor Ron Young. However, it is already clear that the formalization of relations between the participants of the "Big University" will require the development of a separate federal law, which may take 2-3 years.

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"It is impossible to compete alone with global world universities with our scarce resources. The budgets of our universities, such as TSU, are simply not comparable with the closest competitors. And the logic of the "Big University" allows us to consolidate resources, strengthen each other. Our ideas and developments then immediately acquire a different scale", – said the rector of TSU.

In early December 2019, a special strategic session will be held to discuss the idea of ​​the "Big University". Tomsk universities will discuss a common admission campaign abroad with general selection tests and competitions", – Galazhinsky added.

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