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TSU to hold festival of "conscious consumption" in Tomsk

© официальная группа FASHION LAB в "ВКонтакте"TSU to hold festival of conscious consumption in Tomsk

TOMSK, Nov 5 – RIA Tomsk. The Siberian Design Centre (SDC) of Tomsk State University (TSU) will hold a festival "Synthesis" in Tomsk on November 8 and 9, during which experts will tell how to become "conscious consumers", the representative of the organizers of the event reported RIA Tomsk.

According to him, the Synthesis festival is the project of laboratory of fashion and style Fashion Lab of the Siberian Design Centre . It will take place on November 8 and 9 at Make love pizza (Lenin Avenue, 85a). You can get acquainted with the program "Synthesis" on the official page of the laboratory on "VKontakte".

"The fashion industry ranks second in the world in terms of pollution after oil production. In this context, it is important to speak openly about product creation, production philosophy and to answer consumer questions honestly. The project will reveal the philosophy of creation and consumption of products or services, popularize ethical producers and technologies", – the agency interlocutor explained.

He added that the organizers invited experts from the world of fashion, music and gastronomy to answer questions and help become "conscious consumers" in the face of a global oversupply of the market.

The festival will host public dialogues, master classes on clothing customization, garage sale, collection of things to support funds for assistance to the needy. A music venue and a food court will be organized.

"Swamp" style

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Also a presentation of the collection of clothes with the image of flora and fauna of the Tomsk region, created in Fashion Lab will take place at the festival.

"We adressed to the natural motives of the Tomsk region when we developed the design of the collection. We took the pride of the region as a basis – Vasyugan Swamp, which occupy the third position in the world in the area – 53 thousand square meters", – the head of Fashion Lab SDC Maxim Kostenko said RIA Tomsk.

He explained that the authors of the collection used topographic shooting of swamps as an element of design, supplemented with coordinates of the area and stylized photos: "The line of products – T-shirts, hoodies with a hood and shopper bags, which will show this print, sending us to the great heritage of our region."

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