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Grain export from the Tomsk region increased to $ 2.4 million in 2019

© с сайта "Сибирской аграрной группы"Grain export from the Tomsk region increased to $ 2.4 million in 2019

TOMSK, Dec 6 – RIA Tomsk. The export of grain crops from the Tomsk region for nine months of 2019 in cash amounted to 2.4 million dollars; revenue from the export of organic products also increased - up to 100 million rubles, the governor Sergey Zhvachkin said at a plenary meeting of the V Agronomic Assembly of the Tomsk region on Friday.

As the press service of the regional administration reports, these days the V Agronomic Assembly of the Tomsk is being held in Tomsk. During the forum, representatives of agricultural enterprises, industry scientists and experts of the agricultural complex, officials, as well as students and teachers of agricultural specialties discuss the results of the agricultural year and industry plans for the future until 2025.

"The "International Cooperation and Export" national project will allow us to increase agricultural exports by 5 times - up to 60 million dollars a year by 2024. This ambitious goal within scope of our abilities. For example, for nine months of this year, the region’s farms exported grain crops 2.4 million dollars cost, which is 20% higher than the annual plan", – Zhvachkin said.

According to the governor, the main export crops of the Tomsk region in 2019 were wheat, barley and oats, which Tomsk farms exported to Turkey, Egypt, Latvia, Armenia and other countries. In addition, another promising industry has been formed in the regional agro-industrial complex – production of organic products.

“Our region was the first in Siberia to form a network of certified farms - producers of organic products. This allowed us to export wheat, peas, oats, flax, barley, rapeseed to the UK, Denmark and the Netherlands – this is for a year! As a result, the annual export earnings of farms from sales of organic products exceeded 100 million rubles", – Zhvachkin said.

According to the governor, systemic measures to support the agricultural sector in the Tomsk region made the agricultural industry attractive for investors. Currently, 26 investment projects are being implemented in the Tomsk region; the total amount of investments in them is 11 billion rubles.

About the "International Cooperation and Export" national project

At present, the "International Cooperation and Export" national project is being implemented in the Russian Federation. Its key goals – are to increase the export of non-primary non-energy goods, increase the share of exports of manufacturing, agricultural products and services in the country's GDP, form an effective system of division of labor and production cooperation within the framework of the Eurasian Economic Union in order to increase the volume of trade between the Union states.

 It includes five projects: "Industrial export", "Export of agricultural products", "International trade logistics", "Export of services" and "Systemic measures for the development of international cooperation and export".

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