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TPU to present its development strategy version for 15 years in May

© Маргарита ВолоковыхTPU to present its development strategy version for 15 years in May

TOMSK, Feb 13 – RIA Tomsk. New TPU leadership to present the first version of comprehensive program for university development for 15 years; both internal working group, including representatives of administration, heads of scientific schools, departments and laboratories, and external experts, will participate in document creation, the university’s press service said.

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Earlier it was reported that at the end of 2019, the chairman of the Tomsk Polytechnic University (TPU) Supervisory Board, the governor of the Tomsk region Sergey Zhvachkin introduced the new acting rector Victor Dyomin and the new first vice-rector Andrey Yakovlev to the university staff. Dyomin was vice-rector for educational activities of Tomsk State University. It is known about Yakovlev that he received higher education in Ufa, and is a doctor of physical and mathematical sciences.

According to the press service, a working group has been created in TPU, consisting of 20 representatives of the administration, heads of scientific schools, departments and laboratories, which will develop a comprehensive program for the development of the university. "We plan to work out the main goals, tasks and ideas by March, then external experts will join the process", - the first vice-rector Andrey Yakovlev is quoted.

“The comprehensive development program of Tomsk Polytechnic will be designed for 15 years. The developers will also present a detailed plan for its implementation for the next five years. In addition, based on the strategy, targeted programs will be created in specific areas with clear performance indicators ... The first version of the comprehensive university development program will be presented in May", - is said in the report.

It is noted that in December 2019, as well as in January-February of the current year, the university hosted meetings in schools at which current problems were discussed, as well as the prospects for the development of each unit. The head of the TPU educational and scientific center "Organization and Technologies of Higher Professional Education" and ex-rector Yury Pokholkov became the moderator of the working group on the development of the program.

"We analyze the current state of the university, highlight key issues, as well as critical trends in education, science, engineering in Russia and the world. Now everything is developing so dynamically that being in trends is vital for not to stay on the sidelines", - Pokholkov is quoted.

It is added that suggestions and ideas for inclusion in the strategy can be sent to the working group now by e-mail.

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