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New head of Minobrnauki praised Tomsk inter-university campus project

© РИА Томск. Яна КузьминыхNew head of Minobrnauki praised Tomsk inter-university campus project

TOMSK, Feb 18 – RIA Tomsk. The governor of the Tomsk region Sergey Zhvachkin held a working meeting in Moscow with the Minister of Science and Higher Education of the Russian Federation Valery Falkov, during which the head Minobrnauki praised the elaboration of the concept of future student campus in Tomsk, the press service of the regional administration said on Tuesday.

Earlier it was reported that on the left bank of the Tom river within the framework of the "Education" national project it is planned to build a large campus with 20 thousand places. The best architectural and planning concept for the campus will be chosen by the authorities of the region in the fall of 2020. It was also reported that in January a new structure and composition of the Russian government was approved. The ex-rector of Tyumen State University Valery Falkov was appointed the head of the Ministry of Science and Higher Education.

The Governor Sergey Zhvachkin held a working meeting in Moscow with the Minister of Science and Higher Education of the Russian Federation, the press service said.

"The head of the region discussed with the head of the Ministry of Science and Higher Education a model of a world-class scientific and educational center in the Tomsk region ... The governor and the minister paid special attention to the project of an inter-university multifunctional student campus. <...> Valery Falkov said at the meeting that the concept of the Tomsk campus is the most developed", - is said in the message.

It is noted that Sergey Zhvachkin introduced the minister in detail to the concept of the "Big University", which Tomsk universities and academic institutions, as well as large business companies, are working on today. Zhvachkin also invited Falkov to the forum of young scientists U-NOVUS.

"The head of Minobrnauki knows the potential of Tomsk university and academic science and highly appreciates our systematic activity in attracting nonresident and foreign applicants. The results of our work on the export of education today are seen not only domestically, but also abroad. And this work will intensify", - the head of the region is quoted.

It was also previously reported that by 2024 within the framework of the “Science” national project at least 15 world-class research and educational centers (RECs) should be created in the Russian Federation based on the integration of universities, scientific organizations and industrial enterprises. Tomsk was included among the 20 cities where the conditions for the formation of the REC were formed, but did not get to the number of “pilots” of the project, along with other applicants it will have to go through competitive selection in 2020.

The "Big University" project involves the unification of all universities and research institutes of Tomsk into a single scientific and educational consortium with the preservation of the legal autonomy of all participants. The main goal of the project - is to obtain a synergistic effect from the addition of scientific, educational and infrastructural opportunities for full-fledged competition with world university centers.

About the "Education" national project

Now the "Education" national project is being implemented in the Russian Federation. Its key purposes - are to ensure global competitiveness of Russian education, inclusion of the Russian Federation into the number of 10 leading countries of the world on quality of the general education, education of harmoniously developed and socially responsible personality on the basis of spiritual and moral values of the people of the Russian Federation, historical and national and cultural traditions.

It includes ten projects: "Modern school", "Success of each child", "Support of families with children", "Digital educational environment", "Teacher of the future", "Young professionals", "New opportunities for everyone", "Social activity", "Education export" and "Social elevators for everyone".

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