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Tomsk universities to conduct foreign applicants unified recruitment

© предоставлено пресс-службой Томского госуниверситетаTomsk universities to conduct foreign applicants unified recruitment

TOMSK, Mar 6 – RIA Tomsk. The appearance of the "Big University" in Tomsk will allow local universities to conduct joint admission campaigns abroad and save on expenses for recruiting foreign applicants, said the acting rector of Tomsk Polytechnic University (TPU) Victor Dyomin.

It was previously reported that the "Big University" project involves the unification of all universities and research institutes of Tomsk into a single scientific and educational consortium with the preservation of the legal autonomy of all participants. The main goal of the project - is to obtain a synergy effect from the addition of scientific, educational and infrastructural opportunities for full-fledged competition with world university centers.

“Among the most obvious (advantages of the project) - is the joint admission campaign, when there will be no need to send six groups of employees from six universities abroad to recruit applicants. This is an expensive pleasure for each university, so cooperation in this work is very beneficial”, - Dyomin told reporters on Friday.

He added that in this case, universities will have to agree on the distribution of applicants within Tomsk, including the integration of overlapping specialties and directions.

Mutually beneficial exchange

Among the other advantages of the "Big University" creating Dyomin called the ability of employees of one university to use the resources of other universities.

"Library, information, communication. Let's say, in one of the universities several employees need a subscription to an expensive information resource. And in a neighboring university, fifty employees need this resource. Or five hundred. Why issue three subscriptions if it's possible to organize one and connect to it all the other colleagues?", - he explained.

The acting rector of TPU stressed that at present almost three dozen inter-university working groups have been created that are intensively discussing the creation of joint services and projects within the framework of the "Big University": "There is a huge field of activity, good prospects and potentials".

Among the prospects - is the development and increase in the number of common joint educational programs.

“Why do several Tomsk universities have the same direction, if it is possible to organize its base in one, the strongest and most prepared in this field, and others to be involved in the implementation of the educational program in some separate disciplines?” - says Demin.

As an example, he cited a joint educational program in robotics from three universities of Tomsk - State University (TSU), Polytechnic University (TPU), University of Control Systems and Radioelectronics (TUSUR).

"Each brought its own competencies. One university is stronger in mechatronics, the other - in electronics, the third - in cybernetics. With the creation of the "Big University" such cooperation can become commonplace phenomenon, to the mutual benefit of each participant", - the expert summed up.

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