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9:31 PM  June 18, 2020

PRC of China first allocated targeted scholarships to study at TPU

© сайт Томского политехнического университетаPRC of China first allocated targeted scholarships to study at TPU

TOMSK, Jun 18 – RIA Tomsk. Forty Chinese citizens will be able to study at Tomsk Polytechnic University (TPU), the government of the People's Republic of China (PRC) for the first time allocated targeted scholarships to study, in addition to training, students will be paid for flights and accommodation, the university’s press service said on Thursday.

It is noted that the Chinese government for the first time allocated scholarships for Chinese citizens to study at TPU. 40 students will be able to use them in the 2020/2021 academic year.

“Thanks to the joint work of the TPU Alumni Association in China and the international students office, 40 scholarships were awarded: 10 for master's degree and 30 for bachelor's degree programs. I especially want to note the contribution of the chairman of the Association, Li Zheng”, – the head of the international students office Irina Kokareva is quoted in the message.

The selection of candidates for scholarships will be held by the Chinese side. Students will be paid for flights, accommodation, and they will receive cash payments in the form of a scholarship. At the same time, they will be able to choose any direction for studying at the TPU bachelor's degree programs, and in the master's degree the emphasis is on the program "Condensed Matter Physics".

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"At present, 252 students from China study at the main programs in bachelor's, specialist, master's and post-graduate programs at TPU. They study mechanical engineering, materials science, nanomaterials, additive technologies, optics and other areas that are in demand in China", - Kokareva said.

It is added that the TPU Alumni Association in the PRC has been operating since 2009, one of its main tasks – is to assist managers of enterprises in concluding agreements with the university and their implementation, cooperation in the field of scientific research and more.

It was previously reported that Tomsk Polytechnic University enrolled students from 20 countries in the 2019 admission campaign, Kazakhstan and China were the leaders from foreign countries. In total, more than 11 thousand students are currently studying at TPU. More than three thousand of them come from 44 countries. It was also reported that the university plans to build a dormitory for foreign students by 2024.

It was also reported that currently students from 93 countries are studying at Tomsk universities; the share of foreign students is 22% (in May 2018 - 18.2%). Not only universities, but also the region’s economy are interested in attracting foreign students - they bring about 10 billion rubles a year.

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