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"All over needed": how TPU trains data analysts of present and future

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TOMSK, Jul 20 – RIA Tomsk. TPU English-language master's program "Software Engineering" prepares some of the most demanded specialists in the field of big data not only in Russia, but also in the world. What are the advantages of studying in English, why man shouldn't be afraid of it, how to enter the program with 100% employment of graduates – read in the RIA Tomsk review.

Studying modern trends in the field of big data completely in English together with foreign students and teachers, without leaving Tomsk, studying under an exchange program in universities of Finland, Spain, Germany and Slovenia, as well as employment in leading IT companies before the end of the training – is not a fairy tale, but an opportunity that TPU provides to its students.

The head of the educational program, associate professor of the department of information technologies of Tomsk Polytechnic Institute Evgeny Gubin told the agency all the details.

"Now it is needed everywhere"

According to Gubin, the specialists that the university trains today in the master's degree program "Software Engineering" (the English name for the specialization is – Big Data Solutions) are called data scientists or data analysts. This specialty is the most popular among all other specialties for which the university prepares students at master's programs.

"I’m not afraid to say that now it is needed everywhere. First of all, our specialists are in demand in banks, the oil and gas industry, consulting companies, as well as in marketing and medicine. The direction of medicine is especially important in the era of the fight against COVID-19. To our teachers and students have already contacted from Moscow for consultation", – he said.

The program is taught fully in English. Among the subjects that are included in the curriculum are machine learning, introduction to big data, learning programming languages. Master's students study tools for big data processing and analyzing, issues of their collection and integration, data visualization, artificial intelligence methods and much more.

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The teachers invited from India and Germany are not the only foreigners with whom Russian-speaking students of Polytechnic University have to interact. According to Gubin, in the group of 29 people who passed from the first to the second year of study, 30% are foreigners from China, Thailand, India and Colombia, which once again emphasizes the relevance of the topic of big data analysis today.

Employment guarantee

"In all areas of the market there is now a lack of specialists to analyze and evaluate the accumulated data, as well as to reveal their hidden patterns. Specialists who could offer a strategy for the development of a particular business. Accordingly, our specialists are unique", – the agency's interlocutor said.

Graduates of the "Software Engineering" master's degree program receive job offers not only at the national, but also at the international level. They work in the Moscow branch of Sberbank, in the offices of international IT companies in Moscow, in the Central Bank of Russia, in SIBUR, as well as in telemedicine-related companies.

"Our specialists are in demand far beyond the borders of Tomsk. For example, a graduate of last year engaged in text analysis received a job offer in Spain. Our students are invited to the company before graduation", – Gubin said, noting that the starting salary, with which young specialists are usually employed, is from 70 thousand rubles, and there is almost no "upper limit".

Thus, Anastasia Kaida, a graduate of TPU's master's program in the direction of Big Data Solutions, became an active member of CERN, participant of the ATLAS experiment, during which the Higgs boson was found. Her work was related to the developing a knowledge base for a scientific experiment. All of Nastya's classmates also work in the energy, banking and petrochemical industries.

"We had strong students in our group from different directions. More than half participated in exchange programs, in international schools. I visited Montenegro and China at summer schools and studied exchange in Finland. This direction gave us a lot of opportunities. Everything depended only on the wishes of the master student, teachers supported us. I have never regretted my choice", – Anastasia told RIA Tomsk herself.

Don't be afraid of opportunities

"Some students are afraid to study in English. But I would recommend that they use this unique opportunity to establish international connections, learn from leading experts and teachers and improve their language proficiency", – the head of the Big Data Solutions educational program said.

According to him, the curriculum additionally provides for an annual course of professional English, which should close all possible gaps in the student's knowledge and "tighten" the level of language proficiency so that the specialist can feel free in his subject technical area.

The term of study for the "Software Engineering" program – is two years. At the moment, 25 state-funded places have been approved. Details are published on the university's website.

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