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3:42 PM  March 24, 2021

More than 4.5 thousand foreign students return to Tomsk universities

© РИА Томск. Таисия ВоронцоваMore than 4.5 thousand foreign students return to Tomsk universities

TOMSK, Mar 24 – RIA Tomsk. Tomsk universities in connection with the opening of borders are expecting the arrival of more than 4.5 thousand foreign students; this will take place in strict accordance with federal requirements for compliance with sanitary rules, students will have to pass PCR tests for COVID-19 twice, the press service of the regional administration reported.

Earlier it was reported that the Russian government allowed entry into the country to continue education for students, graduate students and medical residents from countries with a safe epidemiological situation. There are 25 countries open for entry to the Russian Federation in the list, including Azerbaijan, Armenia, Belarus, Vietnam, Greece, Egypt, India, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Turkey, Finland, Switzerland, South Korea, South Ossetia and Japan and others.

It is specified that 5,248 students from Kazakhstan, 531 from Kyrgyzstan, 140 from India, 98 from Vietnam, 84 from Egypt, 16 from Azerbaijan, Armenia and Belarus study in the Tomsk region.

"Tomsk universities have resumed intramural form of education. Out of 8.5 thousand foreign internal students, about 3.5 thousand are already in the Tomsk region and continue their studies. With the opening of the borders, more than 4.5 thousand foreign students are expected to arrive," says the message.

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It is added that in connection with the opening of borders for students, Governor Sergey Zhvachkin instructed the regional department of science and higher education and the rectors of Tomsk universities to organize the implementation of sanitary rules for students returning from abroad in strict accordance with federal requirements.

In particular, at least 10 days before arrival in the Russian Federation, students must notify the university by e-mail, three days before arrival, they must pass the COVID-19 test, and within 72 hours after entering the Russian Federation, they must pass a second PCR test. International students will not be admitted to intramural study without a second test. Before receiving its results, the students will be in a comfortable university observation facility, training for them will be organized in an online format.

It was also reported that more than 5.6 thousand foreign students study at the two largest universities of Tomsk – Tomsk State University (TSU) and Tomsk Polytechnic (TPU). 70% of them were trained remotely during the pandemic. Due to the weakening of the entry regime, TPU and TSU expect the arrival of more than 2.8 thousand foreigners.

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