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Lean startup from TSU: why it is not necessary to bring idea to ideal

© предоставила Елена ЛазареваLean startup from TSU: why it is not necessary to bring idea to ideal

TOMSK, October 11 - RIA Tomsk. Four teams of students and schoolchildren became participants in an online training session called Lean Startup, organized by Tomsk State University (TSU) and university partners. The small event is part of the TSU puzzle on the formation of basic skills in technological entrepreneurship among young people.

Details of the event - in the review of RIA Tomsk.

Earlier it was reported that TSU invites Tomsk residents to participate in an open online training for schoolchildren and students, where experts will teach them to "pack" startups using Lean Startup technology.

Tool for startuppers

The event was held as part of the TomskHUB project, organized by Rubius company. The project is being implemented with the support of the regional administration, the Center for Innovative Development of the Tomsk Region.  The goal of Lean Startup is to form entrepreneurial thinking and basic skills of technological entrepreneurship among Tomsk youth.

Earlier, the need to promote technological entrepreneurship in science and education was announced by Russian Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin. According to RIA Tomsk, he visited Tomsk in July and took part in the U-NOVUS forum of young scientists.

In particular, speaking at U-NOVUS, Mishustin noted that at the moment only 3% of startups are "born" in universities in Russia. He proposed to supplement the national project "Science and Universities" with a section on technological entrepreneurship and launch the program "Startup as a diploma," implemented in the Tomsk region, in other regions of the Russian Federation.

To teach young people how to make startups - from idea to market - for this purpose in every university, including TSU, there are many educational programs and trainings. One of them is Lean Startup. By this term, experts refer to the so-called "lean startup" - when an entrepreneur does not bring the product to the ideal, and with quick tools tests hypotheses and makes changes.

"The basic principles of Lean Startup: you don't need to bring your business project to the ideal, you need to try, present it to the target audience, get feedback, quickly respond to audience comments, in extreme cases change the concept altogether," Deputy Director of the Entrepreneurship Center of TSU Institute of Economics and Management Elena Lazareva told comments.

Ideas for growth

According to Lazareva, four teams of students and schoolchildren who came to the training from different universities and schools in Tomsk first got acquainted with the principles of a lean startup and only then started the practical part of the training.

"Participants were offered a presentation template so they wouldn't forget what steps to take. And by these steps, each team worked out its own business idea. The ideas are: organizing a service for the supply of video cards at affordable prices, opening a new creative space for TSHouse students, a service for comparing drugs, an image creation service," Lazareva says.

© предоставила Елена Лазарева
Lean Startup Online Training. Discussion process
Invited experts appreciated startups in terms of relevance and realism. The greatest number of points was scored by the team with an online fitting room project, the idea of which was proposed by Tomsk schoolgirl Julia Zhevshek.

"This project turned out to be the most elaborate. The team showed how the products will be presented at the fitting, how it will be possible to make a purchase. The target audience is not only individuals, but also clothing designers, stores themselves," the agency's interlocutor explains.

According to Mikhail Golovatov, one of the training experts, head of the innovation department in the field of science, technology and technology at TSU, in a few hours the participants prepared presentations of the investor level.

© из группы Высшей школы журналистики ТГУ "ВКонтакте"
"It is clear that one day is not enough for deep immersion in the topic, but what the teams did in a day is very good. They were able to outline the strengths of the product, some even managed to compare with competitors," he commented on the results of the training.

In turn, Lazareva added that this and other similar events of TSU are aimed at forming technological entrepreneurial thinking among students and schoolchildren: "Taking step by step, going consistently along this road, we involve more and more people in entrepreneurial activity, awaken their interest in business, form entrepreneurial thinking".

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