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Resistant to laser radiation coverings will be created in TUSUR

© РИА Томск. Павел СтефанскийResistant to laser radiation coverings will be created in TUSUR

TOMSK, Sept 15 – RIA Tomsk. The graduate student of Tomsk State University of Control Systems and Radio Electronics (TUSUR) Anton Kotin plans to develop Russian technology of receiving coverings for lasers optics which isn't conceding to foreign analogs according to the characteristics by 2018.

"There are no such technologies In the Russian Federation allowing to receive coverings with a high threshold of beam durability to the radiation of lasers so far. Similar coverings are one of key elements almost of any laser system and, eventually, define such characteristics of devices as power, reliability, and durability. But it is the weakest element of a system", - Kotin told RIA Tomsk.

According to him, this year he received a grant of the "UMNIK" program of 400 thousand rubles for a development of the production technology of such coverings. By the beginning of 2018 the scientist expects to receive the first practical results. Works are conducted together with the industrial partner of the higher education institution – the resident of the Tomsk special economic zone "Crystal T".

He noted that the developed technology is intended for the nonlinear crystals which are used as active elements for laser machines. These crystals differently pass or absolutely cease to pass light at various external influences. When passing through optical elements the part of the light is lost, and special coverings allow to reduce these losses to a minimum.

At the same time, he told, that nonlinear crystals are usually used in the most hostile environment, ant it means, more reliable coverings are necessary for them: the structure of material collapses under the influence of the laser beam and temperature. And if the existing coverings are designed with a maximum impact of 500-600 MW on square centimeter, the Tomsk technology will allow to produce the coverings with the impact of 700-800 MW.

Kotin emphasized that such coverings will be demanded at the domestic enterprises which are engaged in production of lasers and studying of laser technologies as there is a great demand for such coverings. Besides, they will be cheaper than analogs which are delivered from abroad; the developer is sure about it.

TUSUR Scientists actively research in the field of photonics, and also together with the industrial partner participate in work of a profile technological platform. The international school seminar "Photonics Nano — and Microstructures" took place in the higher education institution Last week in where were more than 70 scientists from Russia, China, Belarus and Finland.

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