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Former Tomsk resident Mironova headed biathlonists ranking of Russia

© фото со страницы Светланы Мироновой "ВКонтакте"Former Tomsk resident Mironova headed biathlonists ranking of Russia

TOMSK, 3 Feb – RIA Tomsk. The native of the Tomsk region Svetlana Mironova became the first in the updated ranking of Russian Biathlon Union and can apply for entry into relay team of the Russian national team, the president of Federation of Biathlon of Sverdlovsk region Sergey Perestoronin reported to RIA Tomsk.

As follows from the Russian Biathlon Union the updated ranking of athletes published on the website, Svetlana Mironova scored 1047 points; it is the best result in Russian women's national team. She is ahead of such experienced sportswomen as Irina Starykh (the second place with 1014 points) and Ekaterina Yurlova-Perkht (the third place with 893 points). 24-year-old Mironova spends the first full-fledged season at the World Cup stages.

"(The first place in the ranking of RBU) this is serious achievement. We hope that it will give the chance to Mironova to participate in relay of the World Cup and to bring good result", – Perestoronin told.

According to open sources, Mironova held the best race in the "adult" career (the seventh place in sprint) on January 24 at the World Cup stage in Antholz (Italy). In sprints of January stages she showed the best result among the Russian biathlonists, being in races the 17th, 12th and, at last, the 7th. She is called the fastest sportswoman of the national team of the Russian Federation, however, so far not steadily shooting.

Mironova was born on February 22, 1994 in the village Moryakovsky Zaton near Tomsk. Since seven years was engaged in ski section with the trainer Nikolay Losev, and then passed into biathlon. In the ninth class was the twice champion of the Tomsk region on cross-country skiing, and in 17 years became the Candidate for Master of Sport in skis and in biathlon. In 2011 moved to Yekaterinburg. Debuted in the season 2016/2017 in the Biathlon World Cup as a part of the national team of the Russian Federation.

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