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TSU acting rector became Russian Academy of Education vice president

© предоставлено пресс-службой Томского госуниверситетаTSU acting rector became Russian Academy of Education vice president

TOMSK, Feb 28 – RIA Tomsk. Members of the Russian Academy of Education (RAE) approved the acting rector of Tomsk State University (TSU) Eduard Galazhinsky as the vice president; he plans to initiate and develop federal cross-disciplinary projects, as well as to study the effectiveness of new educational technologies, the press service of the university reported on Thursday.

According to the press service, on the eve took place the general meeting of members of the Russian Academy of Education, which approved Galazhinsky as the vice president of the organization. His candidacy was agreed with the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation.

"Eduard Galazhinsky, Doctor of Psychology, the acting rector of TSU, assumed the duties of the vice president of the Russian Academy of Education. In this position he will develop long-term plans for basic research, strengthen the work of RAE with higher education and supervise interdisciplinary projects", – is said in the report.

It is noted that in 2020 in the Russian Federation the program of basic scientific research ends. In this regard, one of the main tasks of the new vice president of the Russian Academy of Education will be the development of a long-term basic research plan which meets the challenges of modern Russia in the field of education and science.

"In my work I also consider important the initiation and development of the large federal interdisciplinary projects aimed at solving key problems of society. One of them could be a large-scale study of early childhood development, which was recently presented by employees of the TSU and MSU (Moscow State University) in "Sirius" educational center", – quotes the press service of the word Galazhinsky.

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It is added that the acting rector also intends to use the Russian Academy of Education resources in studying the effectiveness of introducing of new educational technologies into the education system.

The Russian Academy of Education conducts research and development of the scientific foundations of education in the Russian Federation with taking into account socio-economic changes in society, cultural traditions of the peoples of Russia and foreign experience. It coordinates the approbation of educational technologies, means and forms of organization of training and education, as well as research in the interests of improving the pedagogical culture of the Russian society.

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